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Posted:I was watching the travel channel just now and this show came on about freaky things/places. There, on the show, was a girl doing a *very* bad rendition of fire fingers. She was clad in matte black with the neo-goth raccoon make-up and f#$%-me-red lipstick. The announcer discussed the "sub-culture of fire worshippers who haunt the night like vampires on the prowl, attempting to frighten people with their pyromanic antics and worship of all things dark, in violation of the very nature of the relationship fire and humans have."How eloquent.How poetic and pretty in form however... What the *&^% was he talking about???Then they turned around and used this very weak example of a performer (even the flames were really gimpy) on an advertisement for the "Worlds Creepiest Places" show.Did you all forget to clue me in again? I always am the last to know when you guys decide to change things!! Sheesh, now I have to redo my costumes to fit into our subculture!
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Although, I kind of agree that we have one..without stereo-typing it.Did you know we worship all things dark? Hmmm, moon? Nope, not dark. Fire? Nope, too bright. Makes one wonder doesn't it, what do we worship?
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The last time I prowled as a vampire, I was playing one in the larp game "Masquerade"...and I admit it was great fun (adding it to list of things to do again)but alas, no fire since vamps in the game are afraid of fire.And who told them my house was creepy? Strange yes but not that bad!
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And why? WHY? WHY? WHY? *yup, temper tantrum stomping and all
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* do they always insist on using bad performers or at least bad shots of good performers for coverage. It is so irk-some. Okay, so I just had to share that we are no longer spinners and fire people...we are those who haunt the night...Mwahahahahahahahaha!------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...

Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir
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