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grant_helenbrook_SILVER Member
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how did you come across your first paid performance?

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hey, well i haven't done any paid fireshows, but ui have done some others.
just let people know you're out there. free shows for example, facebookpage, website, etc...

people will contact you from there on.

other possibility is to find some sort of agent, maybe ask a rockband or something if you can provide some sort of act to compliment the music.

hope my two cents can help a bit:)

MynciBRONZE Member
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We sent emails out to festivals with our package offers (4 of us as a group)for workshops and shows and got hired for workshops and to help with the show. in the end we diud the whole thing and because friends with the workshops organiser of the festival. Set up a website and contacted events via Email from our flamefireshows webmail address and got more and more.

work passed to us by other performers who were already booked up.

hard if you are on your own, try and get in with a group if possible and they may pass work on to you if they know you are ready.

Also spoke to schools about offering cheap workshops pointing out the benefits to kids.

Once we started getting gigs and handing out business cards it went a long way, we used our name in our show to get it stuck in peoples heads for parties and weddings. the more gigs you get the more organisers you meet and the number go up and up.

Did some work for the council for events (fully insured to all their requirements) and they started using us for every event they put on for workshops and shows, then you start to get recommended.

Hosting a festival helped get our name out even more, I'm semi-retired from professional work now. I got promoted at work and the time to perform in dried up because I did more hours but I still keep my hand in now and again with workshops etc.

A couple of balls short of a full cascade... or maybe a few cards short of a deck... we'll see how this all fans out.

shaping_lightSILVER Member
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I got my first performace through Clare at Firepoise (thanks Clare!)

I dont get time to perform so much now, any performances I do now are for friends and through word of mouth.

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I've had numerous people stop and ask me if I'll do parties , perform near their live band at clubs , people stop their cars next to me on the median and ask if I'll do stuff for theater ... but everything seems to fall through and I never get calls back. It's odd but I'm okay with it at the moment cause I'm still working on obtaining my license to spin here in New Orleans , LA . My guess is .. if you are passionate enough and decent enough .. people will just meander over to you and ask you what you are doing and someday you'll end up making money. If you can find a nice spot a little ways from a bar where you are in plain site then, you will eventually have people walk over offering to buy you drinks.. some people will tip you if they are outside the bar (or restaurant eating) Pick a spot with plenty of walking traffic and just spin there like every day or every other day for a few hours.. You will get noticed.. Took a few months for me to find out that everyone working the bar across the street from where I ritualistically spun actually nick named me "Rave Boy". I'm not thrilled but I was only going in the bar to have a drink bought for me from someone watching me spin. Make a facebook .. make a free website .. make some bussiness cards .. be OUT THERE .. and hand your cards out to everyone who stops to talk to you. Eventually something will happen for you. I'm still waiting myself .. but the feedback from people is great in the meantime. Good luck!