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I've noticed that with my poi, once I got to a level where I could comfortably dance around to music I lost a lot of my motivation to put in the effort to learn new tricks or properly drill things to a decent level. Its just sooo much more fun to arse around laugh3

Is this just me being lazy? or have other people come across this to? Any advice to get on with upping my skill level?

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Well, i tend to try to think of what looks cool to an audience, and i enjoy the satisfaction of figuring out a puzzle, so both of these feed into my wanting to learn anything that looks cool. And especially the things that look cool and weird as hell. Though i do understand the temptation of just assing around, as i do so for many of my practice sessions.

Maybe look for anything that feels stale about your repertoire--places you always have your hands, directions you always turn, etc.--and find ways you'd move if you didn't have poi, then learn to move those ways with poi. Or find some single thing you find visually captivating and just spend a 5 to 10 minutes here and there working on just that between bouts of jamming. I know i get demotivated sometimes when i cast my net too wide and try to learn a hundred things at once (and i don't learn them very well either).


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Restricted spinning may help: pick stuff you will not do and see whether you can still flow nicely.

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Two questions that come to mind are as follows...

"Why are you learning poi?"

If you just wanna arse around... just do it, you'll improve gradually in doing so.

If you want to consistently arse around with new aspects then you need to explore.

"What is arse-ing around anyway??"

You can learn through play, and to music. Perhaps you need to examine what you're doing when you do learn. "Drilling" might be the wrong way to approach it.

Sets of 5-10 repetitions could be enough, then you could go back to arse-ing around, and if you can do that without thinking, you can turn your mind to thinking about the movement you were struggling with.

Maybe just build on the things you do know, learn to do everything in both directions and all that jazz, you don't need to be researching new elements to work out where these things are.

Good luck, person!


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If you want to learn a new move. May I suggest trying it without music. Several repetions that someone else mentioned is a good idea. Or possibly setting a certain time away that your going to practice with and then devote a fraction of that time for learning or fine tuning moves that need improvement, use the rest for your fooling around. These are the things that have helped me. However you do need determination. There are times when I want to throw my poi away. Usually when i'm trying a new difficult move and just before I make a huge improvement, followed by a really good feeling of satisifaction and self accomplishment. The videos under the "learn" section at the top are excellent in my opinion.
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Thanks for all the good advice guys =D, The small bits of practice are a good idea and have been helping. The best thing i've found to do though was re-arranging my room so I can work on repetitions of stuff while watching stuff as background noise. Finally got isolations down and am well on my way with waist-wraps =D

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Restricted spinning may help........


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Originally Posted By: rightasrainThere are times when I want to throw my poi away. Usually when i'm trying a new difficult move and just before I make a huge improvement, followed by a really good feeling of satisifaction and self accomplishment.

This made me laugh, cause just earlier I was getting so frustrated I just wanted to throw my poi and break a window with them.

I remember back in july, all I did was practice new moves. I was addicted to learning. I loved the high feeling of accomplishing something new, I just had to have more and more.

I put poi down for a couple weeks, and now all I can do are moves I've already learned. I get quite frustrated when I try to learn something new, and just fall back to moves that are rather easy now.

I feel like I'm kinda stuck at my skill level, but I know all it takes is dedication. I just gotta keep at it, take short breaks, and "arse around" in between. Even "arsing around" gets boring after a while because it just turns into repetition. >_<

I recommend new moves without music, and "arsing around" with music. This works best with me, anyways.

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