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So I've watched the video on adjusting the flow leash loads of times but my brain isnt computing.
It may be because I need to shorten the leash rather than lengthen it.

It needs to be about a handle's length shorter than the 'straight out of the box' length.

I can lengthen but cant seem to get my head round shortening it. HELP!!!

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I just had a look at the vid i think you mean, from what I can see you need to adjust where the second knot (the one midway along the cord) is tied, that's what determines where the cord is stopped from going through the ring any further.
Even when you've got it to a length your comfortable with don't cut the cord yet, you will no doubt fiddle with the length over the next few months as you settle into poi.
most folk use their own setups in time (cord type/handle/swivel etc) according to their personal taste.
have fun with them smile

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Originally Posted By: Dark_DancerWhat is it with people reading threads and not responding geez lol

Looking and not knowing an answer, since you seemed to want to use the flowtoys setup.

Mine I used the cord but completely discarded the flowtoys arrangement and the little ring, added swivels to the handles and went with a simple double cord that loops through the bridge cap (my arms are so short I had enough cord for a double length on each duo from just the one leash).

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