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I've just started twirling poi about 2 weeks ago. Well unless you exclude the 3 year break between when I last picked up poi that is.

I have been pointed to this website to learn some new moves. In the past 2 weeks I've picked up the following lessons.

Forward swing
Backward swing
Split swinging
One handed butterfly
The weave
Backward weave and turn
And a weave where one poi does an extra turn on each side

Ultimately I'd like to now learn some behind the back lessons. My problem is this, my method of doing complex moves is quite different to the methods shown on this site. I'm just wondering if anyone else does things different or slightly different as to what is shown on here?

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Very much so, what you see on this, or any site, are merely guidelines and examples of what is often done. They are not hardfast rules by any means. True enough that many do exactly what's in the tutorials, and are generally very static in their spinning, but to be and do something different is a good thing (my opinion of course).

Dig through the vid forum and get a taste of different styles out there.

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I think pretty much everyone does something different to the way that tutorial videos show. Its just part of the nature of the art. People are constantly changing the way that they spin things and making cool little variations on standard ideas.

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I guess I need to know more about what you mean by 'my method of doing complex moves is different from those shown on this site'... That could mean there's something you do motion-wise that is completely different, or with your timing, or just in how you move your body.. I mean.. there are lots of things.. so maybe if we understood a little more about what it is that you are looking for we might be able to help..

are you looking for other tips on how to do these things, or just different ways of doing these things? if that question makes any sense at all..

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