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Location: Sydney, Australia

hello hello

It's been an awfully long time so I'm entirely unsure how many of you will remember me, but hey, it's me, xaeda.....I'm alive and reasonably well. All rumours of me being abducted by aliens can be officially quashed (that is, if anyone bothered to start any )

Anyways, I'm afraid I'm not back as a regular poster.....mostly because my life has become fairly hectic and I can't really spare the arse-on-seat time needed to contribute regularly (I'm sure I posted something about this a while ago). But I thought I'd pop in and say hello, and also attempt to track down some Australians to harrass, since I'm heading over there in early november.

I'll probably be there for about a month, maybe longer if I find work. I'm mostly going there to visit a close friend, and our time will be split kinda haphazardly between Brisbane and Sydney. At some point we'll also be taking a meandering roadtrip along an inland route between the two....probably thru cunnamulla, bourke, dubbo, forbes, and a bunch of other places I can't quite remember.

Soooo......if you know of any fire get-togethers happening in Brisbane or Sydney, or if you live somewhere in the middle of nowhere and want another human to have a burn with, let me know :-) I already know about the Red Moonfest, which I'll try to get along to, but I haven't been able to track down details for whatever other meetings are happening. Is Incendium still running weekly burns? Let me know if you know of anything going on. my email is

Anyways, I'd better be off, my belly is grumbling and computer labs make me grumpy. Hope all is well in the land of pyromaniacs, and hopefully I'll get to meet some of you aussies in the nearish future.



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CassandraFroggie ... Ribbit !!!
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Hey hey hey beautiful one ! SOOOOOO good to read you back on Hop, even just for a short period. We / I miss YOU

Going to OZ, uh ? YAY YOU and LUCKY THEM

In Brisbane you should definitely hook up with Bec and Elke (Moon Pixie). They organize the Moonfest gathering and there is Arsn and Valura and many other shiny people.

In Sydney , except from our lovely Frenzie and flash fire and Finn, there is the adorable Rozy a well..

You are going to have so much fun, beautiful one

I’ll be in NZ mid january until the end of february and kinda hope I can meet you there. Is ther any juggling convention in NZ ? do you know whom i should contct to find out ?

Anyway … good to see you back and OF COURSE we remember you

Shine on

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Xaeda... hello hun... oh yes there are many burns happening here in ole brissie...We would be most honoured to meet up with you ('we' being Arsn and myself and my 4 other flatmates who are also ALL twirlers!!We have a very happy firey home) We go to a twirling practise session on monday nights, burn at davies park on tuesday nights, thursdays is at a little park in milton and fridays usually at Wello. We will also be travelling down to burleigh heads to burn on sunday nights and will be more than happy to take you along to meet up with all the beautiful people there...I will Pm you my mobile number if you need to get in contact for a twirl. DEFINATLY go to the moon fest, Bec and Elke are such amazing goddess gals, and you will have a funky time...Also there is a big juggling convention being held at Noosa heads on the 1,2,3 of November, so if this is of interest to you let me know and I can provide you with some more info..
love and light and happy travels...

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RoziSILVER Member
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Woohoo!!! More fire visitors!!! Send me a pm, & we can exchange details. Love to see you in fair sydsknee...

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arsnHow do you change this thing???
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Hey xeada... heres a few answers to your post... enjoy...

Originally posted by xeada
Is Incendium still running weekly burns?
no... not to the point that they were.
And to hook up with a bunch of brizzy peeps... click there ~~~~~~~>Brisbane thread... , that should help right???

See ya soon...

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becBRONZE Member
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

hello.... yes please come and play fire with us when you are in Brisbane...*

*Red* Moon Fest is on tomorrow night (21st October) but then the next one is on 20th november (which is "Orange" - we're working our way through the colours of the rainbow each month...)
and then Yellow is Fri 20th Dec if you're still here...

Valura gave a wonderful run down of the weekly gatherings (and hugs for the lovely things you siad too) ... there are a few other weekly get togethers around too - on Tuesday nights there is a drum circle at Sandgate... we sometimes pop in for a twirl there, and then another Drum Circle in the city on Thursday nights at Roma Street Parklands usually attracts a few spinners too (although no fire allowed there)...

and no doubt there will be countless other special events/festivals on during November too... so stay in touch, particulaly when you arrive and know the dates you'll be in Brissie...*

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well well well
i hope this isnt going to be another "Australian Tour Without Tasmania" jobbie because I am a lonely remote spinner just DYING for some firey company... oh but theres not just me! you also get ONE other fire twirler in the deal! and we have some great scenery...

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wooh, yay, so much to do!

I will most definitely try to get along to as many of these as possible. I'll have to get a new simcard for my mobile once I get to oz (roaming is a bitch on vodafone) so I'll let you all know my new mobile number as soon as I know it myself :-)

very rough dates probably something like this:

13th - 15th Nov - Brissy
16th - 19th - Sydney (but mostly tied up with other-peoples-crazy-family type stuff I think)
20th Nov - 2nd Dec - Brissy
2nd - 7th - out in the middle of nowhere trying not to get eaten by kangaroos
7th - 11th - Sydney

My ticket is booked to go home after that, but I may stick around if I find work (the aussie dollar converts pretty damn well to our poor old nz peso). Maybe I'll head off fruit picking or something, or else find a job in a photolab. Depends how well I'm coping with the summer heat, heh. Tis a pity I won't be around for the juggling festival You never know, adren@line.....I might end up in Tasmania. At least it won't be so fiendishly hot.....

Cassandra - assuming I'm back in NZ by then of course I'd love to meet up There is indeed a juggling festival but I'm afraid you may be a bit early for it - it's in Waihi Beach (not far from Tauranga) from March 6th - 9th. Do try and make it if you can, it should be fantastic (and of course since you've travelled from yonder far away lands you'll get big hugs from everyone) Check out the nzja page - there's not a whole lot of info but it has a picture of the holiday park that's hosting us. Basically the juggling festivals are wonderfully mellow....bring a tent, hang out in the sun, meet some wonderful people and play lots There's generally a renegade show (like a drunken jugglers' show&tell) and a public show, a bunch of workshops, some silly games, and a fire night, assuming there isn't a fire ban like last time. Lotsa fun :-) I hope you're able to come. Anyways, email me closer to the time and I'll give you more info about people to contact etc.

Anyways, thankyou all for the wonderful info and the smileyness. I'm looking forward to meeting you all!


the memories fire, the rhythm falls slow....

CantusSILVER Member
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Hey Xaeda. Nice to see you back. Have you forgiven me yet for suggesting that you're scared of the dark (hence all your vids being filmed in the day time)?

Or should i go hide in the rain barrel again?


CantusSILVER Member
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Location: Down the road, United Kingdom

Any plans for a trip to the UK anytime in your future?


flash fireBRONZE Member
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hey xaeda - Would be ultra cool to meet you finally!

Me, Frenzie, Dangerboy and maybe Finn would love to capture you and take you on a crazy adventure whilst you're here.

Email me at work

We haven't had weekly gatherings for a while, but we might all head down to the Glebe gathering on a Thursday night....

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Although i have not been for a few weeks, there are still regular Thursday night burns at Jubilee park, at thebottom of Glebe Point rd in Glebe ( Sydney), hosted in part by FireArtFantics...

It is regular as clockwork, come at about 9pm to avoid waiting around for arrivals!
See you there!

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jolly good! tuesday nights at salamanca if your around...

Bender_the_OffenderGOLD Member
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hey xaeda - i don't get teh chance to communicate with ya, so i'll say that i kook up to ya as a staff deity - such rare originality! I can only imagine what your repertiore looks like today

have you heard of the total solar eclipse festival in the Oz outback during early december? Psytrance bands(incl. X-dream), An absolute army of bushdoof feinds, hapless globetrotters and not least of all a battalion of amazing firetwirlers are flyiing, driving, hitching and bussing to. It will be the most incredible concentration of Oz fire skill in one place!
I can help with arranging travel if you can make it to Melb (there are so many convoys to join!) before this major shindig explodeth.

a helluva lot more people at HoP these days hey?your help at HoP has been missed!
(plus labs aren't that bad - geeks are fun people too, just in a different way - I should know)
:wonders if he's said too much...:

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StoneGOLD Member
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Ditto, wot Bender said.

You have many friends (fans) down melbourne way Look us up

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CantusSILVER Member
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Did Xaeda ever actually come back from her travels or is she still out there someplace?

She's certainly not posted in a very long time.....

I only ask as she's currently Member of the Moment

But not for long. Fame is fleeting after all.


PeleBRONZE Member
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By the time I got there it was Skye. *sigh* How fast those 15 secs of fame truly go!

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CantusSILVER Member
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So no news of her whereabouts then?


Fire Princessmember
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Long time no me too

I'm currently IN Australia, in Newcastle (btw Sydney and Brisbane) but will be long gone by the time you get here (which is a shame, as I would have loved to meet you!).

Ah well, I may check out your Brisbane contacts for you and let you know how things go!

So, (sorry to steal a little of your thunder Xaeda) if anyone is around Newcastle (or North of there on the East coast) and fancies meeting up for a cheeky burn in the next few weeks, drop me a line at

Rae/FP xxx

P.S. Have a fantastic time over here, X. I don't even need to say it as I'm sure you will! I never want to go home...

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