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so i'm seriously considering relocating to San Diego. i've never been there. i've heard all about the weather and the zoo but what is it really like housing seems really cheap too. usually that comes with bad employment ops. so whats the opinions of those who know. what do you think the probabilty of finding a bar tending job or photography related job is? any suggestions on walking or bike riding friendly areas beach side. is the water clean?(i'm sure better than jersey! ) whats the music scene like? art scene? fire scene?
thanx ahead of time
mich love
ps hows the ice cream in those parts?

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Ohhh you have soo got to come visit SD it is great, I dun know too much about the Ice Cream (to fattening ) Any how Pozee Kinduin and a bunch of us others have spun in the past on Fiesta Island It is a beautiful island and a great place to spin. I like this area the people aint to bad and finding a job as a bartender will be easy.

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hello there colors,
it is great out here. most people that move or just visit out here for a few weeks never want to leave. i can give you lots of information on SD. opretty much every thing you asked about we have a great deal of. it is wonderful out here. e-mail me with any specifics you would like to know an i will try and answer them as thorough as possible. if i dont write right back then i will right back on monday...

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we can tell you this and that, but ultimately you have to check it out for yourself. i don't think the housing is cheap. and san diego is flooded with bartenders, but don't let that discourage you. life is slow here for a city this size. there is stuff to do.... but if your an intense individual you'll probably visit LA allot. when you come down let us all know.

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thanx for the replys fellas. mbtc purple/bright purple/magentia/orange skys scare me even though i got family there and i'm sure i'll visit but whos down for bday bashes on privately owned island bday bashes in mexico and i said it like willy in his song the truth is i have hometown friends there but they live different idealy with me i've uprooted many times within 4 hours couche o boat r da peeps there

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