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karate kid

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Posted:i finally ordered and watched COL2. i am not disrespecting anyone at all, and i was quite impressed, but i actually expected more. i certainly can't perform everyone else's moves on that video, just like not everyone can do my moves either. but i have seen some crazy shit in california and i thought i would see some of the same on COL2.i know HOP is mostly about fire, but i think fluorescent (glowstick) poi are much better. i think people like fire better because it is more dangerous and risky. that's definitely true, but you can't exactly do as many moves as with glowsticks. i'm talking about leg, arm, neck, and body wraps, etc. maybe HOP didn't receive very many flourescent poi video's, i don't know.i am writing this topic to get some feedback from as many people as possible. it will help me open my mind.and i'll be sending my video (fire and fluorescent) hopefully this May for the are some photographic glimpse's of my capabilities:in this one i am doing combo's of the butterfly while running as far as i can to the left and to the right: this one i am laying down doing leg wraps while spinning on my back:

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Posted:Right on Glowshow!!
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Posted:Ahh, the arguement may have been silly, but the information that resulted in it was definitely useful.Not only that black light is a great way to use old glowsticks, but I also know a lot more about the way they work (Don't normally have much to do with glowsticks)So thank you, silly arguement, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
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