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For anyone not knowing what I'm talking about.
Brief overview

I haven't seen it before but know a few people who do and they're all wicked dancers. My girlfriend wants to start 5 Rythems and I'm thinking about going with her. I to dance and was wondering if anyone had any experience or advice of it.


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Hey there Jafar,

I have taught it actually. Because I have taught it at pagan/woman retreats I actually changed the names of the movement bases to relate to the elements and have the properties of them. I find it is a powerful visual tool which most people can relate to. It is a potent form of emotional expression and people will often be moved to tears, to yelling out, to fits of is really neat. It is a form of moving meditation definately.
It is not a class where you go to learn dance, per se. It is not a traditional dance class by any stretch of the imagination. There are no steps. There is a certain way you move with each section though.
Chaos (Fire) is what it sounds like...crazy, all over, large movements.
Lyric (Wind) is more of a team thing, kind of a loose version of follow the leader.
Staccato (Heart/Spirit) is akin to the heartbeat, short and sharp movements, just as the name suggests.
Flowing(Water) is the graceful, fluid movements.
Stillness (Earth) is not actually being still. These are movements that are grounded so your feet don't move, and the rest of the movements are based around that.

It is all about closing your eyes and letting go within that set. It actually can be hard at times, because there are points where you want the flowing to grow into chaos (it does come in time) but it helps seperate, identify and release tensions, frustrations, emotions, etc.
You will also learn that your body can move in ways you didn't know about.

That hardest part about it, I have found, is the simple letting go. Many people are way to self-concious, and this helps to break those barriers down. Most leave with a really peaceful, energized feeling.

I got into it what seems like a loooong time ago, not only because I love so many different forms of dance but because I am a very emotional person and dance helps that. Also because I have a very active mind and find it nearly impossible to medidate by sitting still and breathing. This helps clear my head.

So...yeah. There you go.
Hope this helps and if you take the class I hope you enjoy it!

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