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Another techie question here!

There's a video on this site featuring Jo Derry - the blurb says he pulls off some good tricks and its 'well worth a watch'. At one point he does a move which looks like an opening and closing diamond moving from left-center-right.

Can anybody tell me the name of this move - and is there a thread which discusses it?

Thankyou to anybody who can help.


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butterfly weave possibly? run a search. im sure there are previous threads.

From the makers of soylent green.

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Is it the one that looks like an eye? bouncing sideways either side of his body? If its that one then its just a split-time butterfly, flipped either side of your body in the wall plane (the same way you do a crossflow with a weave, only in split-time butterfly).
Good luck, its an awesome move, practice it in reverse split-time butterfly aswell, cos then you can bounce back and forth either way in any direction through a 360 degree circle.
This thing Jo Derry does is what i was talking about in Butterfly Crossflow Thing thread that you had to be able to do to start with before trying the actual 'butterfly crossflow thing'.

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OK chech it out i had trouble with that move too for awhile but my friend got it and showed me. It's like a butterfly invert. You do the butterfly with your hands together but move them side to side a little bit then you move one behind you like a reverse BF the back to the middle then to other side reverse BF after that go back and forth with out stoping in the middle
Hope it helps if you still need it ask me



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wow that side to side butterfly thing but doing a 360 or more sounds very cool, thanx for the idea

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Ok - thanks for the replies guysa. I think I almost have it, but its hard to see if I have it right, when you flip from centre-line to right side or left side do you move both poi across or just one of them? I am currently flipping both across into an inverted butterfly, 1 beat on each side.



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the move your trying to do is the spit time transfer.
do a butterfly in front of you in split time, then move both hands together to the left and you doing a reverse split time butterfly then you can go to the right missing the beats in front... learn both forwards and reverse split time butterflies then this move is easy.... just keep your hands together, alought you can move one at a time but to do it jo derry style move both.
hope this helps guys.

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