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hey all
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okay, so I'm postponing study again.I'm not sure if this has been posted already, but this is my token poi move
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Start with something resembling the 'alternate butterfly combination' from the lessons page. Not sure if this has another name. Anyway, when each poi gets to the bottom of its swing, you can add in an extra couple of rotations by putting your arm behind your back and reaching round so that the poi swings in front of you. so, for the poi in your right hand, you'd bring your hand down and behind your back, so your forarm lies across your lumbar area and your hand is sticking out near your left hip. Let the poi swing in front of you, then go back behind and continue the pattern. Do the same with the other hand
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You need quite flexible shoulders to do this. It's also possible with staff, clubs, and even doubles, but I figured it's more of a poi move than anything else. Enjoy
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"flexible shoulders"! hell, I'm double jointed and I'm struggling to reach!I kinda got it tho. One at a time I can do, but I can't get it to spin in front of me while twirling with my other hand. Any more tips?------------------Take thy beak from out my heart,and take thy form from off my door!

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xaeda, I think I know what you mean. It is actually a moved used in club swinging, right ?I have this good friend who is hell of a juggler but REALLY not souple and it is one of the first moves he instinctively did when I handed him my poi. I happen to be fairly souple and still can't do it ...So ? so I'd (we'd) gain a lot from club swinging... look at Jo Derry for instance !!!Cool move anyway, thanks !!more ?
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