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This is a simple variation on the usual weave motion. Usually I do this with my wrist pretty close together. The main difference with the giant weave is that I don't. This is an interesting move because it combines a tight movement with a broad movement.Try this: begin a normal fwd weave. When you cross your left hand to your right side, bring it close up on top of your shoulder. After the first swing on your right side with your left hand, bring the left hand close under your armpit. Straighten your right arm out and begin a giant swing with your right hand, crossing over to your left. You can also squeeze an extra rotation in with your left hand before bringing it back across. Then do the same thing with the hands reversed on the other side.It is possible to do something like this with the rvs weave, but it isn't quite the same.Another variation that evolves from this is to not lock your elbows and to mix up the timing, so it feels like your are doing a weave and a simultaneous crossover at the same time. I think this winds up being a sort of 4-beat weave. Not a very good description, but to be honest, I haven't quite figured out what I'm doing when I do this.

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I know exactly what you mean... i found myself doing a lot of weaves and 360 weaves with my arms fully outstretched and rigid the other night......also... when practicing meteors, it's almost imperative to do more of a "giant" weave since the rope is 11' feet long...I like the feel of doing weaves this way though... sometimes it feels as if i'm flinging the Poi with my fingers rather than wrists, if that makes sense...

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I got a new keyboard so my "l"'s are working now!
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Anyway, I discovered this too for myself the other night, but I thought I was yards behind everyone on this!!! Glad I wasn't alone. What I was told is that the moves takes on a whole new look and no longe appears even as a weave, and there are many oooooo's when you bring it big to one side and close it on the other to bring it back across. In fact, until the ECSP I think almost all of my moves were done lock wristed or lock handed, as in palm to palm closed, but not now.Thanks Adam!
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Good for you, Pele , glad your keyboard's back to normal !!!
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know exactly what you mean. I play a lot with the "three length" : shorten the chains as much as possible, then regular size and then the big open one for many moves. Turns out real good , gives dynamic and RYTHM... love it !!!!Shine onCassandra

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