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Take comfort in the fact that this move is easier to do than it is to explain ...Part 1:Have a squizz a Xaeda's move #18 - get this one down pat.Now, where Xaeda stops the pole(in her right hand) and starts spinning back to the left, DON'T stop the curl ... carry on up and behind the head.Allow it to continue until your elbow is pointing straight up and your pole is vertical behind your back (thumb side down), grab the pole with your left hand (in small of your back) and hold. Strike a pose a'la Kung Fu ...Part 2Release your left hand and begin to spin the pole out(forward to side, figure 8), one spin on the outside, one on the in.On the 'in' swing, point the thumb end of your pole down between your shoulder and legs, palm facing back and bring your right hand behind into the small of your back. Your pole should be vertical again, thumbside up, palm facing backPart 3Visual hint: you should be standing like a guy with a bunch of flowers behind his back(right hand).Stick your left hand straight into the air, like asking a question. "skate" your left foot 180 degrees (to left) around your right (180 deg turn). While turning, arch slightly to your right to 'spring load' the next move. Keep your right hand with vertical pole in the small of your back for the entire turn.Once you have completed the turn you should be in ideal cartwheel position - feet shoulder width apart, left arm raised, body cocked ... now cartwheel (don't even think about the pole behind your back).As your feet return to the earth begin to unwind the staff behind your back in the same direction as the cartwheel (this case reverse spin, thumbside rotates clockwise behind back). Take it from there ...Note: You *have* to do the 180 degree turn before the cartwheel otherwise 'untangling' the pole is impossible.Practise one handed cartwheels without staff to see which is your stronger side. If you are right handed it's generally easier to do a one handed cartwheel on your right arm - learn the other way (left handed cartwheel) FIRST! This move requires co-ordination more than it requires strength and once you've got it, it will be easier to learn the reverse.A lot of "brute force" muscles are employed for this one and the only way to make it look smoothe and elegant is to practise relentlessly and build up muscles you thought you didn't have.This isn't such a good one for people who use 'short' poles, ie equal to or less than body height, you WILL burn your hair or bash your head. Ideal pole length is equal-to or greater-than height. I'm 1.79m, my pole is 1.90m so I don't have to worry ...Bish the Ding"Bark! The sky is blue with orange dots ...!"

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hello. That behind the back stuff makes for a pretty cool cartwheel.. I do mine a little different. Start with the fire staff verticle spining forwards in a weave across your body. (standing with feet about shoulder width apart) then whilst spinning turn your stance 90'deg. so the stick travels in front and behind on your side ... bring this up to head height.. so the stick is spinning vertically in front of your face and then behind your head.. count the beat and when the stick is behind your head dive forward in to a cartwheel on the same beat to bring the stick back in front of your facecartwheel on one hand whilst the other hand spins the staff in front of you head as your are upside down and out to the side of your body as you come right way up and into more fab moves. p.s>> works well with short sticks and feels a bit unco with longer ones. Also can be adapted to a one handed round off or handspring ... good luck.

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