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Posted:ok my friend just got me in to spinning poi and i think its really cool and i was thinking about getting a set of tailed poi because he reccommonded them to start with but i alll ready know a few moves and i can handle his electroglows pretty well but i as i said before im just a beginner and i wanteed to know what is the best to start off with???

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Posted:If you search the technical forum, you'll find a lot of people's opinions on this. I don't think social discussion is the right forum. Perhaps a moderator can move this topic?


Personally, I love my sock poi the best. Mine are squishy beanbags in yellow/black striped knee socks. Playing with them feels like spinning bees!

I have tail/comet poi, too, but I feel limited by what I can do with them. I personally can't seem to hyperloop with them, and the tails whip my face when I buzzsaw. It makes me to cry. Might just be my personal ineptude, of course. And I'll admit: when the tails don't tangle, they are indeed pretty.

My answer: gets lots and lots of different toys! Play with them all at different times!

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