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LED Hoops

Do you have a passion for Hula Hooping?

Looking for the Best Hula Hoop? or Best LED hoops? We have a good range of Led Hula Hoops for sale from different manufacturers and in various Hula Hoop Sizes.

Hooping is a great way of having fun while at the same time doing exercise. What more could you want?

So many choices, Led Hoops, Fire Hula Hoops, breakdown or coil down hoops making travelling with your favourite gear easier and we have them all!

Along with our range of DVDs and free online lessons to go with your hula hoop, you can have hours of fun learning, exercising or performing with friends.
Hoolahoop future hoop mood hoops and buy Hula Hoops

Gain great skills to impress your friends or get really flashy with an LED hula hoop, even going to another extreme with fire Hooping.

Get your hips moving and do some Hooping.

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UltraHoop Shuffle - LED Hoop (HDPE)  
4th July, 2020

"Pretty disappointed with this one.. it took forever to get here and then when it did, it was built wrong so I haven't actually been able to play with it... honestly the lights aren't that great or the pattern rather. Kind of makes me want to have a seizure and wish there was a button or something to either be solid and or the flashing pattern. I don't think I'd even recommend it.. definitely won't buy another one like it."
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
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