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My first FireFlower

thus photo was made after a circus holiday project for children. It was made while the fire show after the main circus show. This is the first Flower I ever played with Fire
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My first FireFlower

As picked by HoP
1. Blinding entered by Abbymuench
2. Ikebana entered by Blair_Hollender
3. Fire Mandala entered by Ashley Michaud

No. 1
pod poi!!!
No. 2
Embracing the Elements
No. 3
No. 4
No. 5
Mushroom flower
No. 6
Hoop Flower-Colors of the sunset
No. 7
flowers on top of the university of johannesburg
No. 8
Triquetra of life
No. 9
Heartz with the girl;
No. 10
Into The Future
No. 11
No. 12
Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.
No. 13
Twin hoop antispin
No. 14
The Dual Fire Flowers
No. 15
Triples at the Beach
No. 16
Torch Poi....
No. 17
Beach Sunset Anti-Spin
No. 18
PanAm Performance
No. 19
Flowers flame
No. 20
Rainbow Flower
No. 21
Midwest Momentum of Light
No. 22
Jon Brown flower power
No. 23
Fire Mandala
No. 24
Playing ghost
No. 25
Fire soul
No. 26
Fire Flower Power
No. 27
Fire on the water
No. 28
fire life
No. 29
Double snake flower
No. 30
A antispin of ice and fire
No. 31
Electric Flower
No. 32
Fiore di Luce
No. 33
T.j. @ fort myers drum circle
No. 34
The Lost City on Fire!
No. 35
Tunnel of fire
No. 36
No. 37
No. 38
Steel Fireworks
No. 39
Three Leaf
No. 40
No. 41
Snake flower
No. 42
No. 43
No. 44
4 Petal Flower
No. 45
No. 46
sacred geometry flower
No. 47
Bec Klower Fire Flower
No. 48
lan flowers
No. 49
Flowers on the beach
No. 50
for the love of fire
No. 51
No. 52
wallplane flowers
No. 53
My first FireFlower
No. 54
Monkeyfist flower
No. 55
No. 56
Visual triquetras
No. 57
No. 58
Magic flower
No. 59
Wall Plane Flower
No. 60
triquetra vs extension
No. 61
The Four Horsemen
No. 62
A Fire Painting
No. 63
fire flowers
No. 64
spinning thangs
No. 65
Bring The Fire Project
No. 66
Flower x
No. 67
No. 68
first fire photo, 2 years ago
No. 69
Fire hoop flower
No. 70
Fire and Ice
No. 71
flowers any one
No. 72
pentagram poi
No. 73
fire staff 6 petal flower
No. 74
Flowers of my life
No. 75
Flowered a Castle
No. 76
Mini hoops
No. 77
No. 78
Flower Buds!!!
No. 79
No. 80
My somewhat awsome almost 8 petal flower.. <3
No. 81
fire Vs water
No. 82
fire flower
No. 83
learn to be a firebender
No. 84
No. 85
Indoor twirlin
No. 86
Fun with fire
No. 87
Liquid color

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