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Underwater Juggling

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Underwater Juggling

No. 1
A midnight dip
No. 2
Fire Poi in Snow
No. 3
In a the basement of a 1960s theater house
No. 4
Blooms before sunrise
No. 5
Stairs of Justice
No. 6
Lights of the Night
No. 7
Phyre in the sky
No. 8
Fire on the Spires
No. 9
Rings of Fury
No. 10
Fire Island
No. 11
Circle of Light
No. 12
No. 13
Walking Through Fire
No. 14
fire at the falls
No. 15
flowpoi & Steel wool underground
No. 16
Light in cavern
No. 17
Poi'ing Precariously
No. 18
Poi Falls
No. 19
Snow Angel Poi
No. 20
speak Russian!
No. 21
holy fire
No. 22
Poi in the Swiss Alps
No. 23
Fire in Foxy Bay
No. 24
Ripples of Fire
No. 25
Golf Course Fun
No. 26
Train cars in the fire light
No. 27
Manipulation Swamp
No. 28
In Your Face
No. 29
In the basement of a 1960s theater house
No. 30
Underground Poi Jam
No. 31
edge of the world
No. 32
No. 33
No. 34
Blown Away
No. 35
City highlight
No. 36
Underwater Juggling
No. 37
Ocean Sea Cave
No. 38
Light At The End Of The Tunnel
No. 39
A familiar place
No. 40
Half Dome
No. 41
Underthe Bridge
No. 42
fans by the trees
No. 43
On the bridge
No. 44
Rapid Fire
No. 45
Exploratorium Poi
No. 46
Spinning With The Cows
No. 47
fans on the peace bus
No. 48
beach spiral wraps :)
No. 49
No. 50
Late for a train
No. 51
The Phoenix
No. 52
On the Roof
No. 53
an angel in the tree!
No. 54
Snow Fire
No. 55
Snow Fire Angel
No. 56
around the body keltic knot
No. 57
On stage at the Rocky Horror Picture Show on Halloween
No. 58
Underwater Contact Juggling
No. 59
The Lake
No. 60
No. 61
not the usual
No. 62
No. 63
Katon: Gokakyu no jutsu
No. 64
fire beats frost- Blizzard of 11'
No. 65
Dragon Breath
No. 66
The cage
No. 67
flowlight meets street-light
No. 68
a midnight burn
No. 69
Root Society Yoshiwara Dome - Black Rock City, Nevada
No. 70
No. 71
No. 72
No. 73
is on top of a fire work obscure enough?

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