Pole Pretzels uploaded by Fee Kirwan

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Pole Pretzels

Myself and my pole partner busting shapes
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Pole Pretzels

As picked by HoP
1. Bending at Backwoods entered by Christy Shocklee
2. *Fan*tastic Mermaid Pose entered by nightspirit13
3. Hoopers Pose 🧘‍♀️ entered by anies1

No. 1
The Tilt of Silk
No. 2
Circus Freak
No. 3
Poi Paripurna Ustrasana Full Camel Pose w/ Poi
No. 4
Head in the Clouds
No. 5
enter the dragon staff
No. 6
Lyra Love
No. 7
Hoopers Pose 🧘‍♀️
No. 8
No. 9
Bending at Backwoods
No. 10
No. 11
No. 12
Bouncing juggling
No. 13
Dragon bendy
No. 14
Hanging from a Thread
No. 15
Pole Pretzels
No. 16
Grace the donut
No. 17
Learning to loopyloop!
No. 18
Bendy fire portal
No. 19
*Fan*tastic Mermaid Pose

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