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Nooping rainbows

Nose hooping at Goa Cream festival 2018. So happy I managed to get this move down!
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Nooping rainbows

As picked by HoP
1. Up Up and Away entered by mak.kershaw
2. Dancing In The Stars entered by Aaron Howorth
3. Bass entered by brecolli

No. 1
Dare to Balance.
No. 2
Top of my head
No. 3
No hands, just spin
No. 4
Up Up and Away
No. 5
Hoop hangs
No. 6
A lot of no hands :
No. 7
Nooping rainbows
No. 8
Mom, im fine.
No. 9
Dancing In The Stars
No. 10
Who needs hands anyway
No. 11
My first fire spin! 🔥🔥🔥
No. 12
No. 13
Fall Hooplah
No. 14
Sweaty sustain
No. 15
Look Ma No Hands
No. 16
I feel no pain
No. 17
Taste like the ocean
No. 18
No. 19
Look mom no feet
No. 20
No. 21
Pyromania Fire
No. 22
Double balance
No. 23
Wonders of the baton
No. 24
Rings of fire
No. 25
Mid-air mid-spin
No. 26
Nice har
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