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Profil für coralia.bodea

BRONZE Member since Jul 2019
Registered on: 27th Jul 2019




Spinning Plate, Poi, Club Juggling, Levistick, Fan Dancing


Mighty rose
Feeding on flow energy
Look into my eyes... closer...
last night of summer
home & poi
Call the fire department cause its smoking hot
Give me your hand
Night fun
Look into my eyes... closer...

Folge deinen Freunden

In the basement of a 1960s theater house
We are all worms but I do believe I am a glow worm
My pods
Walking Through Fire
Colorful night
A Moment of Bliss.
Snakes on a Boat
Indepen-dance Day
You may now kiss the bride.
Fan Duo
contact juggling ninja
🔥caution, hot!!!🔥
Pod Poi
Masked Orbital
HoOp MaDnEss!
Cliff Surfing
We are here!
Hybrid in the mirror
do you ever burn yourself doing that?
My fire fan
Sexy Performance Artist
Expansion of Life
Ground Contact Staff Play
Belle de nuit
SeaFire Enchantment
Homemade Fire Prop
My somewhat awsome almost 8 petal flower.. &lt;3

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