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Doc Lightning

Doc Lightning
Carpal \'Tunnel
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"It has now been over nine years since I was hungry that morning in July of 2005. And I've been doctoring for all of them. And I LOVE IT."
"Oh look! I'm still winning!"
"Natural materials are safest. Wool, cotton, and leather. Hemp, too, I suppose. But NOT metal or synthetics. Metal gets hot and stays hot. Synthetics have a nasty habit of melting. ..."

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Video currently unavailable Firebreathers Lung or ARDS uploaded 06 November 2007
Video currently unavailable First Aid for Burns uploaded 18 September 2007
Service & support  
     25th September, 2006
One of the best online stores ever
"From the first time I ordered from HOP five years ago Malcolm and company have consistently provided fast honest and reliable service. I have rarely had issues and when I have had issues they have been dealt with quickly and to my satisfaction. I've ordered from other online fire toy dealers but only when HOP doesn't have what I need."
Doc Lightning (mike G), USA.   [Verified Buyer]
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Medium Cathedral Wicks  
     3rd October, 2005
Safety and quality
"I can say with confidence that I use HOP-made goods. I do this because they provide excellent value but also because I know that HOP fire wicks will last long burn bright and perform well. But perhaps most importantly HOP goods are *SAFE*. They are well constructed and can handle far more abuse than even the most vigorous fire spinner can deal them without falling (or flying!) apart! When I spin fire it's HOP gear or bust!"
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
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