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Not exactly midlands, but there's a LOT of spinners in Bristol- not too far away.

There's not really a standard weight- most hoops sold seem to be around 400g-700g (14-25ozish, if you're in the US), but there's a lot of variation. Really, the best way is just to try...

Hi! Good choice in learning to hoop- sure you'll have fun with it!Common advice is that your first hoop should be up to about the height of your navel, but you might find this is a bit...


Face Paint Glow in Dark  
      11th August, 2009
Yay! Glowing stuff!
"Pretty fun paint and you don't need to paint it on very thick for it to give a nice funky glow (when barely visible under room lights you still get a glow when you turn 'em off)- the only slight issue is the glow doesn't seem to last all that long before you have to recharge.. It's easy to find if you lose it too."
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