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Purchase Ultra Poi with Comet Tail  
20th January, 2010
A great upgrade for us beginners who tried making out own!
"lol well to start off with I will say that I started out with paper ball poi which didn't hurt in the slightest so the first time I wacked myself in teh face with these it was a bit of a surprise but once I got going and got over the initial flinching I was back in teh swing of things. My neice and nephew fell inlove with watching my spin with the streamers and I can't wait to show my friends. Oh and the shipping was very fast even for an impatient person like myself especially concidering the distance these went. The only down side is that the way the nylon cord is origionally tied to allow easy adjustment meant that I constantly had to readjust them and one even ame lose and took a trip across the room but I solved this problem by simply undoing the strings and knotting them right on the handle rings and they haven't budged since. With that minor adjustment this is a great sting poi for beginners :)"
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