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Posted:ok, I basically have the backwards two beat weave down, and I get better every time I work on it. But somehow, when I try the three beat weave my Poi just fly everywhere and I end up hitting myself. Every singe time! Does anyone have any tips or tricks for getting this move down? It works in my head, just not when I go to do it!

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Posted:sometimes its just a matter of repetition until you get it, though slowing down and extending can help (then once you get it, speed up and bring it closer together)

id recommend drex's vid for it (also shows turns)

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Posted:I just made a couple Poi last night, and they're exceptionally light (a pair of old socks inside a few supermarket bags), so I can afford to mess up and hit myself as much as I want, which I think allowed me to just power through the chaos and get the movement down. (I saw the tut. on HOP but I found his way harder than _just doing it_)

here's me showing what worked for me...

IMO, it's actually harder to worry about learning transitions while trying to learn a new move itself, so diving straight into the pattern is easier than, say, getting into motion with a backward swing with whatever timing is suitable and then moving from that into the 3 beat