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Just signed in to find this- anyone know whats happened- any Londoners involved? Oddballs?

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Just read about it... came here to post... beaten to it!


But yeah... it sucks. I don't think Oddballs was in the fray, and I read no casualties. Which is a win i suppose...

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Thats not good to see coz Camden use to be my old stomping ground, back in the day.

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Weren't the council planning on tearing down Camden a few months ago to make way for a Topshop?

Coincidence surely....? confused

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eek frown

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Don't worry guys it's only effected the Lock Market... the Stables (biggest one with Oddballs on the edge) is fine. InSpiral Cafe should fine as well as it was the other side of the lock.

Don't mean to make this sound wrong, but at least it was the lock market not the stables one.

Although because of the road closures the buses are being redirected... frown

Also update on the market with more details for people:

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phew smile

if i could be a busy busy bee...

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