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Ok so I was having loads of problems doing a low turn (n00b) and I read the post saying to turn your body, not the poi. I did that and it worked (I think) except my poi are still going forwards instead of reverse. I think Im doing something wrong somewhere and was wondering if anyone has or can make a clear,close up video as I cant suss out that teeny tiny GIF. Thanks guys, just gonna go collapse as I hit myself in the head right on the soft, nerve bit at the back and feel a bit sick haha!

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Nahh! Don't call yourself a noob, we've all started some where.

As for the help.. Hmm.. I'd say spin the poi in same time, very slow. And once the poi move close to your legs, turn your body and arms to the side. Start off slow, and you'll get it, mate.

Best of luck to you!

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yah. Ive been spinning for a year now and I just now walloped myself right in the teeth.

When you are turning, pay attention to which direction your hands are pointing. You may be adding an extra twist in there which is sending you back into forward spin.

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AaphrodytiBRONZE Member
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Location: Cumbria, United Kingdom

Wooo I figured it out. No idea how but I think I was doing something stupid with my hands. Cheers guys

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