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Ok this has been mentioned in a few theads..

One night after far to much to drink Sandy, Tim(T&B) and Garthy with help from matt(the boy g) invented a poi card game.

We played it in edinburgh with a few people.

Its quite a bit of fun but very very geeky biggrin

The instructions are here on my site.

There were going to be downloadable card sets to print out play with but we're slack.

It's not really played to win more to look stupid and attempt silly poi moves. biggrin

There is also a pictionary version that Oli thought of which you take a random amount of cards from the pack (2-5) and do the move that fits the parameters of the cards and people have to guess what the move is. biggrin

Enjoy.. biggrin

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Can bring the set i have already but dont have a working printer ATM so cant do the new set. I think we have some backing lying around somewhere so ill bring that and we can make a new set smile

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Right, ive updated the rules so they are right, shrunk the text to 13 point so it fits nicer and changed the scoring. Same link, i just changed the files smile
Now i really need to get on with some work

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can we get a 'faster with less control' card on the next update ubblol


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biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin

Thanks. Am laminating my cards tomorrow. I had started gluing them but realised as I planned to laminate anyways there was no need. I did tweak the rules to fit after using a landscape print and fit to page. Just wasnt superstupid easy thats all.

We are planning to incorporate the cards into another game. We can call them "Pick a Sandy" wink Rob answer PMs damn you wave tongue

Petey. Thanks for another idea card. ubbidea
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