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Posted:Hi, for a while now i've been learning to Asperate(with water) as practise before I take the big leap of Fire Breathing. Basicly my problem is that I dribble a small amount (I'd say 1/4 of whatever I had just put in my mouth) of liquid down my chin, is this normal when you first start out, how did you get over it, and how serious is this in the whole Fire Breathing scenario. I have attempted with different dosages of water, pursing my lips more and blowing harder, but with little success.

P.S I have searched for similar thread's like this but with little luck of a decent answer.

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Posted:Written by: Thumperabbit

Hi, for a while now i've been learning to Asperate(with water) as practise before I take the big leap of Fire Breathing.

Oooh, that's how I was taught to do it at first. clap It was the water dribbles, and tiny amounts that I swallowed, that freaked me out enough to not want to learn how to do it with fuel.





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Posted:I can see why you think its a bad idea but I only tend to use the shirt when juggling or using more than one wick so that it frees up my right hand to allow me to juggle or do fancy things with the other wick. I also breathe over my left hand side so the chances of me hitting the towel are reduced. Also the sleeves on the shirt are held on by plastic popper buttons so it can be removed quickly if needs be. Besides it was a great excuse to get my sewing kit out! tongue

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Posted:I have had the same problem so i still practice with water only
i have read in pele's lesson that its like blowing raspberries when aspirating the liquid. I know i'm gonna sound like an idiot but do you stick your toung out a little bit when doing it mebbe its that i'm trying to kepp my tounge out of the way that is messing me up...
thanks in advance


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