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Posted:I perform at Rens.
I am a member of a very strong group of "rennies" from my area and we have a yahoo group.

Recently on the group a woman brought up the idea that we pull ourselves together to have a fundraiser for a specific group effected by Katrina, the La Ren Faire and its people, which has been strongly effected by the Hurricane. Many that we know perform there, so it seemed a right good idea.

We are over 200 performers and vendors. Between a charity show and a couple of raffle donations, we could raise a healthy chunk o' change to help our friends at our sister faire. I don't even do alot of charity gigs and I thought this was a great idea.

And I kid you not, the idea was blasted by some of the people who lashed out saying "I go to Rens and this group to escape reality. I don't want to talk about it on here, and I don't want to read about it being brought up here. This shouldn't effect us here." eek As if we aren't real people with real emotions.

I have never been this disappointed in a group of people that I choose to spend my time with (I have been this disappointed in my family, which is why I word it like that). It was disgusting and heart breaking to me.

I think several of us are going to continue with the event but wow...people still can surprise me, and that got me. frown

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Posted:Oh my god! what a callous, heartless thing for people to say!
I try to avoid the news if I can but I've heard about the hurricane as its everywhere. Sure reality can suck at times but bloody hell! These people should realise that this will effect them too, whether they know it or not.
Makes you think what on earth the world is coming to!

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Posted:I just don't understand people sometimes...

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Posted:I think i can see why they have that opinion, wrong for us as it may be.

It does, indeed, take all sorts...

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