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  Posted: This morning I put my teenage daughter on a plane to London, where she was born, and where I lived for 10 years till the early 90's. She is staying with friends and relatives for a wee while.

Last night one of these friends told me to instruct her to never travel on public transport, or virtually walk out the door, without an adult, due to a current epidemic of Happy Slapping. At first I thought she'd said Hackie Sacking and was overreacting to the possibilities of being involved in a street game with small Juggling Balls.

No. She was talking about being randomly assaulted, flykicked, etc, by gangs of teenies...up to and including serious damage.. whilst being verbally humiliated and filmed for broadcast on their video phones. She, being small, young, white, pretty and probably looking a little out of place, is apparently particularly vulnerable.

Sheesh. Welcome home, darl.

I did some net-durbsing and found a variety of info, ranging from 'is this an urban myth' over to lengthy discussions on youth forums on why it is, or is not, ' funni and tight' . I got the impression that is certainly does exist, and provides another motive for random violence quite beyond theft or rape. Amusement and the generation of a sort of sadistic phone spam. My friend also tells me it is graduating to 'happy stabbing'.. as vicarious thrills require an escalation in intensity to maintain their fascination.

What I'd like to hear from local people is whether they think that London and surrounds actually are more dangerous now than they were 10 years ago. And why, or why not? Of course I'm interested in the experiences of people in other places.. USA, Kazakstan or wherever. But what going on in the UK particularly interests me right now.


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  Posted:but does it have a camera?

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  Posted:All the buses in Glasgow have bullet proof plastic separting the driver from the rest of the bus, you even have to slot the money into a thing to avoid contact with the driver (plus the bus company gets to keep all the wrong change!). I always thought theywere a bit OTT but I guess there is a good reason for them!

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  Posted:The buses in London are disgusting. Maybe not so much in Central, but in the outskirts they are really grim. My boyfriend sat in p*ss the other day on the bus. My friend has been vomited over by a drunk, and i've seen loads of people smoking crack on the back seats. It's not nice. frown

I'm all for better public transport and I'd be happy to use it if it was cleaner and felt safe, but right now I really need a car...

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  Posted:Written by: The Tea Fairy
...and i've seen loads of people smoking crack on the back seats.

Wankers always sit at the back on the busses - why is that?

It's not the case with trains.

weird eh? shrug


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  Posted:I think happy slapping is great. I'm all for criminals recording video clips of their crimes and then sharing it! How dumb are these people? Don't answer that. It's like when the master criminal only has to press one big red button to rule over the world forever, but instead for 15 minutes they give a speach and let the superhero foil their plan. "JUST PRESS THE BUTTON!" I scream at the tv, but they never do

As has been said, happy slapping is real, it's not an epidemic, but it is worrying all the same, because it yet again introduces the cnn factor to things (people can see with their own eyes things they've just ignored until now). I'm not in any more fear now because of it, and if it does happen at least they'll have framed themselves.

Of course, the reason why happy slapping won't take off in the US is that happy erslappers will find themselves getting shot in retaliation


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my brother would prolly be able to explain what the attraction is! He's the king of random beligerance! Don't ask me any questions, i'll get smithers to come in and explain his point of view! Altho' i think he's a bit to spineless to actually go around beating people!

Regards hug

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