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Here's an unusual type of poi I've been using for a couple of weeks made from juggling rings.

Actualy had the idea a long time ago but never followed it up as I assumed that the rings would clash.

However, air resistance keeps them straight so they work well.

Should warn you that they REALLY hurt if they hit you, especially on the head, I, recommend caution and slow spinning. They look so innocent but they're the scariest bit of kit I've got, more so than my fire meteors, nunchuks etc.

If you want to make a set swivels are esential, cos air restistance keeps them straight the cord/chains tend to become very twisted- for the same reason chain is probably preferable to cord.

Here's a short clip of me using them: -

(right click and 'save as...' for best results)

One thing that's quite distinctive about them is the way they look with arm wraps, there's a good example at beginning of clip; it's a beautiful effect when it works.

Cheers to Tempest for shooting the footage.

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They do work surprisingly well, it feels like you are slicing through the air when you spin them, they look and feel great. But...... just don't hit your knees with them, it hurts!

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Look very funky

UV active colored rings would look awesome under blacklite.

... hmmmmm..... wonder if Zoltress would notice a pair of rings missing....

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My thoughts exactly!
*wanders off to find his juggling rings and the black-light*

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