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Posted:Any of you poi twirlers out there. Help i need help getting started. See in the us there is not alot of poi. So i was thinkning maybe i could get started a national craze so I need help getting started. so can you help me get started. Bye

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Posted:hey poiyork... do you already swing??? do you want help with learning Poi or with making Poi a national craze? why do you want to make Poi into a commercialized national craze anyway??? i don't like the label of being a 'closed-circle' that people sometimes stick to Poi people, because most of the swingers i know are quite happy to teach others who are willing to learn - on the other hand i wouldn't like to wake up one day and find out that the new craze (next to scooters
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) is Poi, then everybody missing the point of swinging and just trying to make money out of it everyway they can!!! On the other hand i couldn't agree more that there aren't enough swingers out there in certain parts of the world
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happy swinging,Simos