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Posted:Hi, i checked the meet others section on this site, and there doesnt seem to be that many people in kent fire twirling. I know that there are meetings in medway, but if anyone is interested in starting up meetings in the Canterbury/ Thanet sort of area let me know.

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Posted:i would defo be interested in a meet in Thanet. i live in Margate and do fire poi, fire breathing, and recently fire staff too. I would love to get a regular gathering going somewhere locally biggrin Message me if you wanna try and put something together.

If your in the Thanet area and get this in time, me and some friends are gonna be spinning on broadstairs beach tonight from about 8pm onwards

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Shame im back in London now.

You should check out Megafish and Circusboypaul as they attend the Whistable circus school.
Sunbeam will be back at UKC though so you should give her a shout.
And give me a shout if theres a forest party coming up! ubblol


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Posted:ive only just started but wednesday and thursday we had people doing fire poi, even had a go myself woo!

people might be there wednesday or thursday again next week maybe ill see someone there smile


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Posted:Does anyone know if the Margate group is still spinning? They have a myspace group but it doesn't seem to have been updated in the last year.


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Posted:hi guys im trying to start a group, set up a facebook page 'Kent Fire Spinners' today 4 members so far but hopefully get more soon so add yourself if your from kent im based in tenterden but will travel

Would be really good to get regular meets going




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Posted:Hay hay, does anyone know if theres groups anywhere around or close to medway/chatham/rochester, i spin but have fallen off the bandwagon recently as i have no one to spin with.

would love to meet more people



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Posted:im based in medway area looking for someone who could maybe teach me a few things with the poi.


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