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I was just curious to see how long it took u guys to get all the moves on the lessons section to see where I stand. Took me about 3 months and a lot of practice and I could still use some cleaning up on my moves esp btb stuff(Reverse BTB weave).
Just drop a reply on how long it took you and any moves you had the most trouble on or are still having trouble on.
keep spinnin....

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well i've been spinning poi for about three months now, but i only found this sight about 8 weeks ago or so...i have everything down besided the reverse btb weave, and any 5 beat weave...although i almost did a 5 beat weave last night, on accident...i supose i can't do a reverse 4 beat weave either, but i haven't tried yetgive me one more month though, and i'
ll have it all down

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hey ive been spinnin about 3 months now, i just learned the btb weaves both ways, i cant do the btb weave turn to oposite btb weave, i can do 5 beat weave both ways now, i can do every move on the HoP lessons but the btb weave and turn, only a few more days and i think i can have it.

Cede you said you can do the 4 beat weave? this is doing like the 5 beat weave on one side and not the other, the 5 beat weave is easy once you get it, i dont see how you could only be doing it on one side, i think this looks ugly but thats in my opinion.

i think i could do better but i have no one to swing with, i have to learn on my own, although my 12 year old couzin is pickin it up very fast, im teaching her and she got the 3 beat weave in a day.

well ttyl

The pop

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dunno i am still learning~

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My first lesson is on 24 Nov 2002. I'll let ya know how long it takes me to learn everything in the HoP lessons.

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for the 4 beat weave i do two revolutions on each side instead one one on one side and two on the other...when your poi are on the right side your right poi speeds up to get an extra revolution in, and the cross over together, then while ythe poi are on the left side, your left poi speeds up to get the extra revolution in, and they again cross over together, and so on and so on...it doesn't look all that cool to me, but it's just something to throw in once in a while to get some variation...

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It took me ages.

And I mean ages.

I'm not even going to say.

But I'm not bad now.
And I've been spinning less than a year.

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I've been spinning since september 2001 and I still can't do all of the moves in the lessons here - the reverse 5 beat weave and pesky btb weaves still elude me.

Generally speaking though, as with so much in life, it's not how quickly you finish that's important, but how much fun you have on the way

But there's no sense crying over every mistake. You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.

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I've had my own set now since october and can do most of the moves although some of the moves dont really interest me i prefer extended reels etc i think they look a whole lot better but hey, hats my view

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about 5 months to do all but the four beat corkscrew, 5 beat weave and btb. I got to the point a couple of months ago where instead of learning new moves I wanted to really practice transitions and get good at doing the basics really fluid with fire, instead of being able to do lots of things but hit myself all the time. So far I've done fire about 20 times and hit myself once, and it just bounced off. I used to practice everyday, but the weather is just so uninviting these days, and I just got myself a nice bass guitar, so I can't see myself outside practicing anytime soon

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Isn't this kind of the same as THIS POST which is currently atop the Social section?

Or is it closer to this post which is just a few posts below in the poi moves section.

Either way, I'll just cut and post my response from the first:

About a year and a half? I think...

But what I really wanted to say was:


I'm certainly enjoying everyone's responses online but in the real world it seems to be a badge that people flash. There's always some guy who wants to impress me by the fact that he's only been spinning for two months and look how good he is.. "dude, look how good, dude only two months, pretty good for only two months huh? I mean only two months and I can already do all this, lookatme lookatme lookatmeeee!"

I average about an hour or two a week for a year and he want's me to be impressed because he's been practicing 8 hours a day for the last two months.

Maybe I'll just start lieing to make them feel better...
"19 years, I've been spinning 6 hours a day every day for the last 19 years and I still can't do a behind the back weave."... and then start hysterically crying and ask to be held.

Ug. Sorry, It's just one of my new pet peaves. NOT the asking of the question, but the guy who for some reason is desperate for ME to aknowledge his innate poi ability. If you're ever at a point in your life where you're looking to ME for approval, something is going dreadfully wrong in your life.

Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
[They do not move.]

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I've been spinnin' a lil under a year now so i prolly got all the moves mastered about at 8 months. the only one that still baffles me is the TTN lol i can do reverse btb weave but i can't do a friggen TTN! lol

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I have been spinning for two years and I still don't do all the moves in the lessons section...I guess I sort of skipped over a few of them, SHAMEFULL!!!

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I guess I sort of skipped over a few of them
Yes, SHAME on you. Jedi who don't spend the time to learn the basics end up turning to the Dark Side, ya?

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haha, ohhh, total time elapse since I've started, 11 months. Total practice time, about 8 of those months. Days out of those months that I've practiced, I'd say roughly on average about 8-10 days. Time practiced on those average days, roughly 2 hours average. Actual time spent where I learned something new, well, all my discoveries have just randomly hit me, some days I sit down, try something and it works. Most other times I just play around and polish up what I already know. I had a period of about 4 months were I learned nothing new, than there was my summer vacation where my poor poi got left in the boxes with all my other college dorm stuff.

So yeah, was I answering a specific question? eh, oh well.

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Someone got out of bedthe wrong side I see tsk tsk......

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i actually wish that there were more lesson videos on the site. *cough**cough* hint *cough* good quality videos. slomo. ive learned alot from watching sages video clips too. actually im just gonna take a second and say that this site rocks. ive learned so much. the girl i started learning from lives in oregon and i live in new york. blah.

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there's a lot to be said for experiementing too. the lesson are good for inspiration...watch/read them *once* and then go out and try to figure it out for yourself. you'll be suprised at what else you pick up along the way. and when you get it, I think you'll have a more fundamental understanding of how the move works and flows into others as opposed to just the ability to perform it.

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Not to toot a horn, But I had been spinning fire for 4 Years before I learned of the HOP web sight.
But you know I learned some moves going to the lessons section?
I learn every day from beginners and Experts alike. This sight is the best way to meet others, and that is the Easyest way to learn.
So for me it has been over Five years, and I am still fine tunning the lessons I learned.



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it took me 2 months and lot of practice to get the BTB weave.... at least it just took me one week to do the btb weave and turn...

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