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Posted:ok, ive seen the term "butterfly weave" drift around these forums, and ive always taken it to mean an alternate side to side butterfly transfer, but...

could one actually do a weave with a butterfly?

i know its possible to cross over, starting with one Poi swinging forward on one side, and one reverse on the other side, you can do waht would normally be a regular figure eight, except its now with a butterfly...

you can then take this and alternate it, so now you have theoretically a 2 beat butterfly weave...

so would it be possible to throw in a 3rd beat?

anybody able to do this?

can then if you can do that, you could turn and do all sorts of crazy stuff, but yeah, its early, and im not thinking straight so im probably missing something very basic...

yeah, any help would be appreciated...

thanks in advance

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Posted:Turn a thread the needle back and forth and tell me what you're hand movement looks like

As for throwing extra beats, extra beats are only for things that have an end. Butterfly's are continuous so extra beats are pointless. But i've figured out a way to turn a butterfly using a tucking motion from a 5-beat weave. Give it a try, basically what it is, is on hand moving slightly behind the other and going into that tucking 5-beat motion and go to the other side.

And yes, there are some crazy technical stuff you can do with butterflys that not too many people give the time of day to learn. But shhhhh, it's a secret.



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Posted:I just figured out the figure 8s with the Poi in opposite direction a couple weeks ago. I'm now trying to do 180 and 360 degree turns while doing them, but I haven't put much time into it at all. I agree that extra beats are pretty pointless, since you could easily keep going forever on one side of yourself. Its more impressive as only a 2 beat move, I think. Just my 2 cents.


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Posted:the good old, opposite weave.


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