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Forums > Beginner Poi Moves > Horizontal over your head butterfly (with a comical twist)

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Posted:I perfer the butterfly with the pois crossing at the sides rather than top and bottom, the butterfly must be done this way for this trick to work.While doing the butterfly bring your hands up and lean the pois backwards so that they are spinning horozontally over your head.Now press your hands to your head a bit above your ears and jiggle your head from side to side to keep the motion going.Guaranteed to get a laugh from any audience.
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Posted:heh heh - All the "peeps" in the forum say:Way-oh-way-oh-way-ooo-aaa-ooo...Poi Like an Egyptian

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Mark P
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Mark P

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Posted:Sounds good!Another thig that looks really good with fire (even though I cant get it as yet) is an above the head thread the needle
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Posted:Eddie, I am going to have to try the hands on the side of head thing! :-)Another good one from over the head thread the needle/butterfly is to bring your arms out horizontal to you sides, so you are making a T shape. You can then do a spin above your arms, then below your arms, then back into the overhead butterfly/thread the needle.Works quite well, sometimes.. You also need your poi short enough so that you arn't going to hit yourself in the face.... ;-)Have fun!Woody

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Posted:My friend started doing something similar to this, and now it has become his signature move. Start with a reverse BF (right hand counterclockwise) and split the timing. Then bring your hands up to your head and rub your head like you were a male slut fixing your hair. For added effect, he gyrates his pelvis and dips from side to side. ROFLMAO! You should see it, because it is effective with the ladies for a reaction! Very comical. PLUR(RE) ---J---

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Posted:Mark P--Yet another fun variation is to do a rvs thread-the-needle, bring that behind your head, and then work it over your head and down in front--now it's a fwd thread-the-needle.

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