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Posted:Last night we had a spin jam here in Baltimore, MD. Now I have to tell you that Baltimore can most accurately be described as a drinking town with an (american) football problem. So it's only suitable that the Baltimore Calefaction Society invent a move that suits our town's proudest pastime: drinking beer!Start out with the butterfly with your poi loosely fitted around the index and middle fingers of each hand. I'm right-handed, so I'm going to describe the move as such: while the butterfly is going, when the poi are swung out at your sides, quickly switch the one off your left hand and slip it onto the ring and index fingers of your right hand.Keep the spin going! If you stop you have to start all over again. You'll now have the one-handed butterfly going, as is illustrated on the 'poi lessons' page.Next comes the tricky part: lean over and grab your beer. Smile at your audience. Raise the bottle in the air and say,"Cheers!", then tip your head back and take a good swig. Put the beer down and switch the one poi back to your left hand.Ta-da!

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Posted:yeah, i like to that with a cigarette instead! have someone hand you a cigarette and light it, stand there smoking completely non chalant. funniness.


Posted:mm I reckon that one would be good for filling your mouth with some fire breathing fuel.I think Pele said something about doing that but pretending to be having a drink of water? So you get the humour aspect, as well as the fire ball for the finale.Josh


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Posted:A way to do this and either play up the touch of class or play up the well as making a nice conclusion to the show is raise your cup up and propose a toast, normally the crowd will join you...this is where you say something nice or witty, or go the cheesy comedic route that we usually go.Take a sip of your drink (being fuel) and blow through your one handed poi...makes a lovely fire. When that's done, if you chose the classy route, thank the audience if you chose the comedy route excuse yourself for burping and use that as your exit. It's a good clean line to end the show on with something of a visually amazing and endearing trick.They love it in these parts.------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...

Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir
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Posted:Wow!!! That sounds amazing!! i've not tried one handed butterfly with fire yet, but DAMN! thats sounds like a great way to end a performance! B)


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