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Posted:emmm since maeon mentioned sharing is good (hehe now everybody knows you are here again
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), i'll share my first experiences from the newly discovered (for me) and painful (believe me you don't wanna know!!!
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) world of wraps (please notice that i've tried these moves with glowsticks and although i am pretty sure they can be done with fire too plz take care and practise lots b4 doing so):1) Begin by swinging forwards in time and make sure you are standing with your feet well apart...let both of the poi wrap around your biceps by tucking your wrists underneath your armpit and pull the chains so that they unwrap and start travelling at your sides in reverse now - as they are travelling down let them get between your legs (from the back of course) and wrap around your thighs; when they unwrap they will be travelling forwards again; you can do this just once or more times if you please...more challenging is to start by swinging one poi forwards and one in reverse and do a 'bicep' wrap with the poi travelling forwards and at the same time a thign wrap (as described above) with the other one and keep going alternating between leg and bicep wraps2) An easy way to switch from a reverse weave to a forwards one: do a normal reverse weave and use the thigh wrap described above (standing with feet apart and coming from behind etc etc) to wrap one poi after the other on the corresponding thighs (not both of them together); with a bit of practise on the timing you can enter a forwards weave directly as each poi comes out of the wrap in split time!
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well i'll go figure out a couple of other moves using wraps, they are fun give them a try!happy swinging,Simos

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Posted:ive never done any wrapping tricks before but you have difinatly inspired me. i'll have a lot of fun with this. thanx!------------------Happy spinning everone!

Happy spinning everone!


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