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Posted:i would love to see someone with such grace and style and experience with poi, staff whatever, that just makes me feel awe inspired. i have looked. i think i need to go overseas. i need some culture. i need to see how different people have grown in their style of fire dancing.

i need i need i need.

i feel really needy right now. anybody else...

anyone got a light?

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Its not easy being green....


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Posted:just watch the videos on www.poiinthepark.co.uk its much cheaper

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Posted:You should take a look at the flying butterflies...they are in Australia (Perth) at the moment but they do travel most of the world...

I have seen them once and they are BRILLIANT!!!!!!!


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Posted:Culture with a capital K.

The WWHHHOOOOMMMPPPHHHH of the flame. The smell of kerosene. The screams of agony.

Tell me where you're going and I'll meet you there.

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Posted:That kinda sounds like a spice girls song . . . eerie



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Posted:americans know the spice girls? scary

I only wanted to be 16... and free



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Posted:Someone please find the remnants of the spice girls and shoot them. And then some more. They were the most evil band in the history of the world. And to think I know someone who likes them... (Downunder Wonder...)



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Posted:Hi pozee, been a while.
Get out of the States. Obviously I'm not judging all US spinners here, (and no Ray, I'm not being anti-American ) but from what I've seen the US spinners have a very, well, American style of spinning. You see those damn big cars cruising down big ass American roads? They look cool as, but they lack a certain style and finnesse. A lot of US spinners are the same - look cool, but in other countries they do things differently.

I can recomend you download the Spinning in Paris video as it features Cass spinning. She is the definition of grace and style and my most favourite spinner of all time, ever.

I also recommend selling a kidney to get out the country. Summer is kicking off in Oz and there's some excellent spinners there! And by coincidence Cass is in Melbourne for a few months soon and Knoxious is in Brisbane, along with lots of amazing spinners all over the country.

hope you find what you're looking for



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Posted:I'd echo the Spinning in Paris recommendation - the skill and cheekiness with poi shown there is incredible there's also some contact staff in there which is very impressive to see

the videos at poiinthepark.co.uk are mostly very good, and 'how to' is an especially irritiating piece of spinning - so smooth and casual

years of practise to go until i can spin like that i fear...



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Posted:Spinning in Paris is fabulous in its grace and the ability of people to spin and Smile.

I want to do that too without the balls falling from the sky.

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