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Posted: by imbrettjackson
Last Reply: by KindaichiShota
Views: 1074    Replies: 1
"Anyone know of rope dart/fire dart instruction in Los Angeles? FireGroove has occasional afternoon workshops, but I'd love something a bit more regular and rigorous. Anyone know dart pe..."
Posted: by JuggleSean
Last Reply: by KindaichiShota
Views: 3267    Replies: 9
"Does anyone else here play? I just recently got started/hooked and am having a lot of fun thus far. I am having problems with most spike moves, but I assume that is normal for beginne..."
Posted: by Alli Saunders
Last Reply: by lightitupperformer
Views: 870    Replies: 1
"Hi guys, i just bought the fibre whips, but the fibre strands keep clumping together, I have been told to use a few things... silicone based personal lubricant, olive oil etc. but could..."
Posted: by lupacexi
Views: 156    Replies: 0
"Hello, everyone!I recently bought myself a fire whip from a shop that was supposed to have good products, but it did not last long and very bad things could have happened. I am very dis..."
Posted: by Catnip74
Views: 773    Replies: 0
"Any advice for fire fan dancing without gloves? Thanks so much in advance."
Posted: by Chris
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 1605    Replies: 1
"So after a beautiful sequence of consequitive cracks, my 1.8 metre long firewhip is now about 1.2m foot long and it's popper and fall are in orbit. Plus the outer layer is degloving..."
Posted: by Lextalionis
Last Reply: by Moz Tooma-Kairouz
Views: 28003    Replies: 30
"Hi, I recently moved to Sydney from America and I know that nunchucks are illegal in Australia, but I know wood nunchucks can still be bought in Sydney...somewhere. My friend's brother ..."
Posted: by Tabitha McCourt
Views: 2032    Replies: 0
"Any idea on how I can turn a PVC lightsaber into a contact saber? How heavy would the counterweight and hilt need to be? I know most contact hilts are between 16" to 18" Some may be mor..."
Posted: by Demetriusx
Views: 1318    Replies: 0
"Howdy! I'm fleshing out the exotics instruction sets, specializing in what wushu would call "soft weaponry". Everything is from a martial arts approach and until I can really ..."
Posted: by Hawked Hobbit
Views: 937    Replies: 0
"I'm buying acrylic balls for my sister as a late secret santa thing and because she loves Labyrinth and I'm sure would love to learn to do contact juggling. I was looking at getting aro..."
Posted: by psycha
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
Views: 1108    Replies: 1
"Hi everyone !I really want to get a charcoal hoop, have some of you ever built charcoal gear and know where I can find information and tutorials about this, or where I could buy one may..."
Posted: by sagetree
Last Reply: by Christinge
Views: 7156    Replies: 27
"my name is sage and im diaboloholic. i have been at it about a month and i am just starting to learn 2 diabolos. i am working on genocides and infinite suicides as well as satellites ..."
Posted: by Jessi12885
Views: 1237    Replies: 0
"Hey guys. I was just recently gifted a staff at a festival I attended after having spun it throughout the entire weekend. Needless to say, I am completely obsessed. I am looking for ..."
Posted: by corrie
Last Reply: by Alikik
Views: 12836    Replies: 18
"id like to learn to grind please help equipment fastening safety etc"
Posted: by jmeek33
Last Reply: by jmeek33
Views: 2127    Replies: 1
"Has anyone seen/heard of these?? They are also called "worship flags" and are extremely popular in some churches, along with veiled poi and flags on poles and other flowing th..."
Posted: by MrConfused
Last Reply: by house_of_mill
Views: 161800    Replies: 251
"I recently got my grubby little hands on a unicycle. Woo, except I'm rather rubbish. So far I have:fallen off lotsfallen off lots more and worked out that if I grab the seat, the uni do..."
Posted: by _Chris_
Last Reply: by Tad Gunton
Views: 13572    Replies: 21
"I really want to do fire contact juggling but not sure what there is. Ive seen the fyrefli glovless fire juggling balls and was wundering what they are like for contact. i saw at play a..."
Posted: by Catnip74
Last Reply: by Kombi guy
Views: 1830    Replies: 4
"So I was wondering if there are any really good tutorials out there for lotus fans. Ones that show exactly what grip should be used for which move?"
Posted: by KayEhm
Views: 1316    Replies: 0
"I've seen some people mention flow wands and flow toys but haven't seen anyone posting about any other toys like the &lbr;url=http://verticalvortextoys.com/&rbr;Vertical Vortex&lbr;/url..."
Posted: by Larry
Last Reply: by Point_Blank
Views: 60696    Replies: 111
"i hope i'm not the only one on here. a thread for anyone one who knows what a backpalm, a sybil cut, or a thumb is!i'm more of a modern card manipulator, that is to say i'm more into 10..."
Posted: by Trybal Wolf
Last Reply: by Eric Skyler
Views: 12009    Replies: 4
"Hi Guys. Just found a new flowtoy and thought I would spread the word.Flowtoys has teamed up with Photonic Bliss, and created the Fiberfly. It is a fiber optic whip with multiple modes...."
Posted: by Tamim
Last Reply: by equalitea
Views: 976    Replies: 1
"Hello I currently have a pair of ninja poi from homeofpoi.com. I also have a pair of beaming poi and have bought all of my poi from here, going on a decade now.I saw a set of poi that c..."
Posted: by Chris_Lu1
Last Reply: by Carnaval Abraxas
Views: 8638    Replies: 4
" How to make a fire whip: Let me start off stating that this will not be the best way to make a fire whip. I am trying to provide information to the average fire performer. Since most d..."
Posted: by MRC
Last Reply: by Ira
Views: 21709    Replies: 34
"First of all I wanted to see more action on the "other toys" section.So anyway...I was playing around with my rope dart as I do almost daily and I started thinking more about ..."
Posted: by [ Unregistered ]
Last Reply: by Nicholas ॐ Wharton
Views: 18946    Replies: 11
"I'm interested in this prop, but have no idea what propertiesare good for practising(according to body wight, size etc.).Which diameter of the wheel?Which diameter of the tube ?Which ma..."
Posted: by mermaidlindsey
Last Reply: by DDevilSStick
Views: 1311    Replies: 1
" &lbr;video:youtube&rbr;http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZ98DWJjiiY What is Sasha wearing on her waist? I've looked on mutliple sites trying to find it but can't. Does anyone happen to k..."
Posted: by Tobias
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
Views: 1654    Replies: 1
"Hi, amateur firebreather here, discovered this site some days ago. Im currently practicing heavily for a performance but i have a few problems:1: when i try to hold the flame and breat..."
Posted: by PoisonDawn
Views: 844    Replies: 0
"Any tips on how to learn this?"
Posted: by Debstep
Views: 859    Replies: 0
"Anyone got one of these I saw it, got excited and bought it and kinda have no idea what to do with it Can only find one video on you tube doh"
Posted: by Sidge Rushton
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
Views: 1119    Replies: 1
"Hello! I am extremely interested in learning Bolas (apologies if there is already a thread on this but I did a search and couldn't find anything definitive) and was wondering if anyone ..."
Posted: by Kombi guy
Last Reply: by Dash
Views: 1790    Replies: 1
"Pretty coooool http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bitbangerlabs/pixelstick-light-painting-evolved "
Posted: by adamsmith0211
Views: 907    Replies: 0
"Has anyone used the pro chains to attach heads to puppy hammer or other rope props?"
Posted: by schubbi
Last Reply: by Malcolm
Views: 895    Replies: 1
"need a firs sick for beginner moves ...if you see any + material"
Posted: by kevin_the_local
Last Reply: by danielgranadas@hotmail.com
Views: 37220    Replies: 42
"I just looked into buying a pair of buugeng but was quite depressed to find that it would cost around $130 to buy a set. That is currently out of my price range but by the looks of them..."
Posted: by widdy
Views: 1257    Replies: 0
"Been messing around with lasers in performance and really liking the effect (^_^) What do you think? Do you have any experience with laser props?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FE7P4Ih..."
Posted: by Mitsurugi
Views: 804    Replies: 0
"I moved to a town at the southeastern edge of Missouri and I need new people to hang out with or learn new flow arts. I'm proficient with the ropedart and I am ok with poi. I want to le..."
Posted: by Brittney Meyst
Last Reply: by Mitsurugi
Views: 1686    Replies: 1
"hi Im attempting to "get into" meteor hammer and decided to make my own to practice with .. my question is length .. ive read online that it should be two-3 meters long .. whi..."
Posted: by zjace
Last Reply: by NewAngelRising
Views: 1542    Replies: 1
"I'd really like to start doing kitty wrench. I was wondering if someone could tell me how to make one or where to buy one. Thanks"
Posted: by Ardella
Last Reply: by tracetheface
Views: 2159    Replies: 1
"Hello all!I've only just started contact juggling and received my first acrylic ball this week. I was super excited to try things I can't do with stickier silicone balls like squeeze up..."
Posted: by DDevilSStick
Views: 1084    Replies: 0
"Has anyone attempted this? I have been looking at industtial fans imagining an opening in the center with a straight bar fot manipulation similar to that of a staff."
Posted: by fire&dreadsrbad
Last Reply: by beaniebob
Views: 7786    Replies: 8
"i have only seen one person in person spin a dragon staff and im just wondering if anyone knows more about it. like where it came from and how long it take to keep all the heads rolling..."
Posted: by PoisonDawn
Last Reply: by PoisonDawn
Views: 1681    Replies: 2
"Kevlar wick is hard to get when you dont have a card or way to buy it online constantly. Does anyone know a substitute for it that wont melt onto the steel props and ruin the prop?"
Posted: by Glow Martian
Last Reply: by amt_1991
Views: 7946    Replies: 4
"Hey Everyone I just came across this new Fiber Optic Whip from AntsOnAMelon.com and had to share it with you all.. This is the coolest fiber optic whip I have come across! The it scre..."
Posted: by Mujician
Last Reply: by ABOBer92
Views: 1135    Replies: 1
"Hi, I have a few fire toys. A staff, and some poi. Sadly in the last few years I haven't touched them much, but I want to dust them down and start practicing again. When I get back to a..."
Posted: by L0s3r_r@v3r
Last Reply: by corestripe
Views: 9610    Replies: 18
"I did a search, really i did. so i hope this hasn't been covered. Lastnight i bought a Pair of shrowing knives. Each about 4 or 6 inches long (didn't actually measusre them and for the ..."
Posted: by BlaiseCarlisle
Last Reply: by corestripe
Views: 3325    Replies: 4
"What kind of glue do people find best for sticking kevlar wick to steel?I'm working on a fire sword, but I have a lot of unusual requirements for it, so I can't rely on a lot of the nor..."
Posted: by eldshow
Last Reply: by Charles
Views: 1257    Replies: 1
"Hi!We've been looking for huge fire fans, or fire wings for some time now, without any success. Sure, there's plenty out there, but we've been through HOP, trickconcepts, bearclaw and m..."
Posted: by Fonky Pierr
Last Reply: by Fonky Pierr
Views: 1311    Replies: 2
"Hi, i'm pretty new in here :blush: I'm used to spin poi and staves for some time and i wanted to try fans.I bought medium lotus fans from HoP and well they're beautiful, no problem wi..."
Posted: by serafinahoop
Views: 1185    Replies: 0
"Hi All,So I got my new lotus Fans and have been playing with them (unwicked) pretty much non-stop for the past 24 hours! Here's my question: What is the fan community's general consen..."
Posted: by Noddy
Last Reply: by jalarcon
Views: 8470    Replies: 17
"i learnt this kewl move by accident, when you do the heilcopter then use contact with one of the grip sticks 2 make it move around, i was trying to do a triple spin with contact but i s..."
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