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The items we recommend you have before fire spinning are:

  Charged cell phone with coverage or readily accessible phone
  Note pad and pen or pencil
  First aid kit suitable for burns
  Empty tin with lid or empty paint can that is clean and new
  Damp 100% cotton towel

Dry chemical Fire Extinguisher suitable for class A,B,C

class A Class A - Trash, Wood, Paper
class B Class B -Liquids, Grease
class C Class C - Electrical equipment
  Suitable fuel container with locking safety cap
  Squirt water bottle
  Kitty litter
  Fire blanket or military wool blanket
  Flash light (for night time spinning)

Clothing check list

  No dangly items worn
  No loose weave materials
  No loose fitting clothing
  No purly, fluffy or fuzzy clothing

  No synthetic clothing: Nylon, polyester, acetate/rayon
  No hairy spray
  Preferably wearing high quality cotton
  Dampened or covered hair


  Even, stable ground
  Away from walkways
  Non slippery surface
  Plenty of room to move
  Away from wooden structures
  Clear of debris/rubbish
  Clear of dry natural materials
  Have a known address
  Phone service available
  Not in a fire ban area
  No roaming animals
  Clear of over hanging objects, trees, power lines
  Clear unobstructed exits

Fire Safety Person

  Certification from an accredited First Aid course
  Trained in use of the fire safety equipment
  Also wearing fire safe clothing
  Agreed safety word ""
  Have practiced safety procedures as shown in video

Safety equipment check

  If using cell phone, is it charged?, do you have good signal coverage?

Note pad has location of where you are spinning, including nearest cross roads, to help direct emergency services if required.


Note pad has full name of fire spinner/s their emergency contacts (family and doctor)

and any existing medical conditions

  First Aid kit has items suitable for burns. Open and check contents
  Fueling can. Has lid, clean, no holes or rust
  Damp 100% cotton towel to be used by safety person, free of frays and debris (not to be used for blotting excess fuel)
  A separate 100% cotton towel and plastic bag for blotting excess fuel (if using blotting method)
  Fire extinguisher is free of debris with pin intact
  Fire extinguisher pressure gauge is displaying full and expiry date is good
  Fire extinguisher has no dents or corrosion
  Suitable fuel container is clearly marked and has "child proof" safety cap
  Fuel container has no rust or damage
  Fuel MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) available and on site
  Fire spinner has read and understands MSDS
  Fire Blanket or Military wool blanket is free of frays, holes and debris
  Fire Blanket or Military wool blanket has no residual fuel
  Flashlight has good batteries

Fuel Dump

  Safe area
  Even, stable ground
  Away from walkways
  Non slippery surface
  Away from wooden structures
  Clear of debris/rubbish
  Non combustible surfaces
  Away from heat, flames, other hazards

Fire tool equipment check

  Quick links are tightened with pliers/spanner
  Metal parts free from rust/corrosion
  Metal parts and handles cleaned of any residual fuel
  Screws are tight and secure
  Link chains pulled and checked for strength
  Handle stitching is pulled to confirm strength
  Stitching on wicks are secure
  Wicking is in good condition

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