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Uprgrade now!

Reviewer: Ryan Stango from United States
if your thinking about purchasing poi and are a serious fire spinner these chains are for you, the huge ball bearing swivels at the handles and the head of the poi provide an amazing feel and are perfect for orbitals and hyperloops. and the handles are super comfortable, and the chains are welded to the swivels so no worry, these chains should be an option to add on to every set of fire poi. AMAZING

Long lasting kevlar rope

Reviewer: Julia Quayle from New Zealand
high quality kevlar rope, fantastic burn time and life. perfect for commercial use :)

Simply awesome

Reviewer: Asaf Mor from Israel
This is something I wanted to see for a while,
I've always loved to see interviews with some of
the more amazing spinners out there, and a DVD
devoted to these interviews was a great idea.
The footage is great, and seeing it while hearing
each spinner's personal philosophy to learning and
creativity is great.
Listening to each of these approaches to spinning
can open a lot of doors in your creativity, and
I'm really glad I bought this :)
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