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Excellent product from flowtoys!

Reviewer: Leslie Helton from United States
This REALLY does add weight to those flighty
flowlights. Without them they have a tendency to
pop the battery door off when they hit together. As
lightweight as they are, they hit hard when they hit
you! I definitely recommend getting these with the
flowmass to provide the right momentum and there's
less of a scare when they hit together! :) The
light dispersement is great, too. :)

Good Times by All

Reviewer: Angela Ontiveros from United States
I love my Poi! The learning video is inspirational and makes learning easy. A lot of laughter and ooo's and awe's break out every time the Poi come out. It's fun to see the eyes pop and even greater fun to see every one try it for themselves.
Thank you Home of Poi!

Great quality and insanely fast shipping!

Reviewer: Leah from Australia
Thanks so much HOP for your easy to use, high
quality website. My first experience shopping on
the HOP website has me itching for more (just
ordered a beautiful african drum as well hehe).
The glow in the dark ball has a really strong,
bright glow and looks amazing by itself or along
side other acrylic balls. I purchased blue and
green balls of the same size and played with them
in the dark- the effect was breathtaking! It
reminded me of our solar system. The glowing light
shines through the blue and the green reflecting a
cool forest-like rainbow.
So lovely, thank you
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