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Reviewer: Shaun Bruno from United States
Finally! A fire resistant thread to sew those wicks and hide the screws! No more screw-burns! A MUST for fire-eaters trying to make a good eating torch! EXTREMELY satisfied! : )
(Fire eating is unsafe and should not be attempted, fire eating puts you at risk of serious health problems)

Fantastic fire poi!

Reviewer: Jw from United States
Yes, these are large, heavy poi. These were my second set of fire poi after the 2.5" wekas, and I spent a couple weeks spinning these without fire to build muscle. (And I'd been spinning for fifteen months.) They WILL give you blisters when you start using them. But they are TOTALLY worth it. Between six and seven minutes of burn time with beautiful, massive flames! I wouldn't recommend wraps though. I did some double leg wraps and had bruises on my legs for a week. I also wouldn't recommend them as your first set of fire poi. But if you're not afraid to put some work in before you burn them, they are VERY rewarding. They will very easily become your favorite set of fire poi. They are simply a very solid set of fire poi without any gimmicks. Video of my first burn with them:

Thank you

Reviewer: Stormy Peterson from United States
Thank you for the prodcts and the quick and responsive customer support. The pendant made a great, but kind of early, mothers day present. After explaining what it represented my mother broke down in tears because of how symbolic and meaningful to our past it was.
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