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Fab DVD for beginner poi-sters!

Reviewer: Wolfsong, Uk from United Kingdom
I had hit a brick wall a bit with my poi and wasn't practising as much as I was frustrated at not being able to do the moves as seen in my poi book. Then I got this dvd and now I'm practising every spare minute having picked up loads of cool new moves in just a few days already! This is simply perfect for the beginner, you can watch how its done (and its done so beautifully too!) pause, rewind, paractise, watch again till you get it sussed! Then you can watch COL2 and blow your mind with how the experts do it! Totally brilliant and highly recommended!

Great for beginners and glowstickers.

Reviewer: Jake Schouest Jr from United States
Ive been using glowsticks for years and decided one day to try out this set. It looked good for beginners and it turned out to be exactly what I hoped for. Couldnt have been better for starting with fire. It burns for roughly 5 minutes and burns well. Its very well built, sturdy, and crafted of high quality materials. The quality is definitely noticeable. The flame is moderate in size and perfect for beginners, but since Im been doing glowsticks for a while and the transition was almost instant I wish I had gone with a bigger flame. If this is youre a beginner, this is perfect, but if youve been spinning for a while maybe try a little bigger flame because its easier than it looks.

First Poi set!

Reviewer: Sherry Anderson from United States
I just started learning Poi with the help of this website, and come christmas time, I picked up a pair of ultra poi for myself. the colors are almost exactly as pictured, the weight is perfect, and the tails are so light and fluid that they are a joy to use! In fact, I have yet to get them back,as my husband, my daughter, and all my friends randomly take turns spinning them. 5 star product!
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