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Top class service as always

Reviewer: Rowena Weedon from Australia
I've bought several items from you on several occasions.You always give excellent customer service. My items have always arrived in the post quickly. And finally, these are the best quality poi and videos on the net and in shops.


Reviewer: Tina Wiecek from United States
Don't just buy one pair; buy two, because your friends will want to try them the second you start spinning these- but you won't want to hand yours over! Easier to deal with then real fire - no safety person needed; no fire permit needed; no stinky fuel, no messy toolkit. Just some really cool-looking, effective, magic-inspiring rainbow colors trailing around you. Don't bother researching other companies to compare costs; just buy these, even if shipping costs a few more bucks. Their "softness" will save you many a black-and-blue mark compared to other companies' rock-hard ones. Even if you only know 5 moves, these poi will make you look good! Instant happiness, even in your own [dark] living room! I put mine on to "ball chain" from local hardware store for better weight & spin-ability; so you just need to order a pair of these and a pair of finger loops; then go buy ballchain, 2 keyloops, and 4 connectors (4$US, max!). And voila! --Buy extra batteries so you never run out. Thanks HOP!

Very nice - tempting to keep them!

Reviewer: Dr Bid from United Kingdom
Bought these as a gift for a new poister but seeing them today makes me tempted to keep them....
The rainbow ones are very bright with velcro tail attachments. The string length is easy to adjust & the webbing finger loops are comfy. In the air, the poi fly cleanly with the super whooshy tail trailing behind. They're easy to keep on the planes so good for 'trainees'. They come in a neat HoP drawstring baggy to keep them looking smart. Another great product, cheers HoP!
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