Beginners Diabolo book

Beginners Diabolo book
  • Beginners Diabolo book
  • Beginners Diabolo book
  • Beginners Diabolo book
  • Beginners Diabolo book
  • Beginners Diabolo book

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The Beginner's Diabolo Book by Mr Babache

An introduction booklet to the art of Diabolo.
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有關 The Beginner's Diabolo Book by Mr Babache
What you'll find in this 24 page booklet..

Diabolo history, getting started terminolgy and methodology, axis corrections, change of orientation, your first throw.
Suns: sun to the back, pirouette sun, sun to the side, sun around one arm, sun around both arms.
Satellites: satellite around one leg, satellite around both legs, satellite with double orbit, tie, little bridge, kneeling, scarf, toreador.
Games: skipping rope, flea, rolling duo, satellite on one foot, let it go in the lift, sun to the back as an exit.
Knitting: swiss cuckoo clock, cross.
Stick tricks: stick position, first trials, throws on a stick.
Juggling with 2 diabolos.

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    16th February, 2011
    I practice.
    "This is seen and practiced."
    , Japan.   [Verified Buyer]
    SILVER Member since May 2009

    26th November, 2008
    good to start
    "it's an interesting book even though it's not a must to start diabolo... Explains a few tricks and has drawings explaining well how to do the tricks..."
    , France.   [Verified Buyer]
    SILVER Member since Sep 2008

    8th April, 2008
    Absolutely must have!
    "I'd be totally lost without this wee book! Unless you're already a master you need this if you buy a diabolo especially as it cost next to nothing. Almost worth buying even if you don't have a diabolo."
    , USA.   [Verified Buyer]
    GOLD Member since Apr 2008

    初学者装备扯鈴 特別