Single Flowtoy Tube

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Single Flowtoy Tube

Get different length tubes to convert your flowtoys into other flowpoi, staffs, martial flow tools and other props. The... 繼續
Get different length tubes to convert your flowtoys into other flowpoi, staffs, martial flow tools and other props.
The lengths of the tubes are determined by the number of flowlights they hold, accounting for the bumpers in the caps.
Staff connectors take up the same amount of space as a flowlight and you would need 0.5L space to hold a staff connector.

Sold individually WITHOUT caps, connectors or lights.
Woodcore and grip options available for contact staff handles.

We currently offer the following tube lengths.
There are descriptions of what each tube length can fit and what flowtoys they are typically used in:

1L tube = 1 flowlight
14 cm, 5.6inch | used in flowpoi and flowdart

2L tube = 2 flowlights or 1 flowlights and 2 staff connectors
26.7 cm, 10.5inch | used in flowpoi duo, flowchucks and staff handles

3L tube = 3 flowlights
39 cm, 15.4inch | can be used as short flowpoi trio, staff handles

4L tube = 4 flowlights
51.8 cm | 20.4inch | staff handle

5L tube = 5 flowlights or 4 flowlights and 2 staff connectors
63.9cm, 25.25inch | used in flowscrima, flowstick, staff handle

Made of polycarbonate, the strongest clear plastic available, the tubes are custom extruded to very tight tolerances so that flowlights and all caps and connectors fit into them.
Holes at both ends enable all flowtoys caps and connectors to click into the tubes.

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有關 Single Flowtoy Tube
Internal diameter = 22.5mm
Outside diameter = 25.5mm
  • Internal diameter = 22.5mm
  • Outside diameter = 25.5mm

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27th June, 2018
Thank you HOP!
"Great product and awesome service!"
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7th October, 2014
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20th April, 2013
Very Clear Very Strong.
"These will take a beating and still remain straight. Crystal clear allows every bit of light shine through."
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9th February, 2012
Crystal Clear for my Poi Trios
"I didn't expect them to be as sturdy as they are. These flowtoy tubes are very resilient on impacts and drops. They're great!"
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10th December, 2011
"I LOVE the Flowtoys modular system. It is very versatile works perfectly lasts and looks great. Most parts seem unbreakable even though I am not always gentle with them. :) What are you waiting for? Go get your own!"
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