Single Loop Nylon

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Pair of Nylon Single Loop Handles with Quicklinks

Two 20mm wide nylon handles with single loops
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  • Quick Link allows webbing to sit flat to reduce cutting at edges and increasing comfort and control.
  • Made from corrosion and heat resistant stainless steel for a longer life.
  • Trust these to keep your cords secure for a safer performance.
  • Handle loops allow quick release in case of a fire emergency by detaching you from the fire source.
  • Quicklink allows fire heads and chains to be stored separately reducing any chance of damage to the handles.
  • 4mm opening provides extra usability by fitting of all our chains.
  • A must have upgrade to replace risky key/split rings used in fire gear.

有關 Pair of Nylon Single Loop Handles with Quicklinks
As used on our products these have been designed to give another level of control over your Poi.

Can be used on all types of Poi from Sock Poi, Tailed Poi, Fluffy Poi, Poi Flags and Fire Poi.

All handles can be twisted into a locking position for extra grip, however best position for fire Poi allows for simple quick release of the Poi set in case of a fire emergency.
By removing the source of the fire it is far easier to put you out.

Complete with stainless steel quick link.
Ideal for heavier poi sets.

These handles will add up to 4 inches (100mm) to the length of your poi set.
  • Stainless steel quicklinks.
  • 20mm wide handles.
  • Quicklink alone has 110Kg working load strength.
  • 4mm opening.

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Malcolm Crawshay
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25th July, 2017
Exactly what I wanted
"Grabbed these to be handles for my Emazing flowball poi. After about a week of spinning with them, I'm very satisfied. The slick nylon is great for swapping between the front and back of my hand, maintaining contact without causing blistering(my problem with my original handles. Or one of them.)"
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
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14th March, 2017
Handle it like a boss
"I made myself a pair of leather handles for my fire poi. Despite being about 4 mm thick with metal rivets holding the hardware on, they eventually broke and sent a flaming poi under the gas tank of my car. My car is fine but my poi are now sporting these handles because they are sturdy, comfortable, classy and convenient. Oh and well-priced."
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
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