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im looking to a buy my first fire fan, i was wondering whether a large fan would be too big for me, im about 5'5. i really like the look of the large ones but if they end up being too heavy then mayb i should get smaller ones? i do want to do some spinning with them, but also like the larger subtle movements the large ones are good for.

any advice would be great, thanks!

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Posted:My Best suggestion, would be to get something based on arm length this is one that you don't have to worry about height so much as arm length; if you have to spin inside need to be free to not hit your face. I am currently in the process of making 2 pairs of fans and it is hard to match it to the person I hope this helps.

I am hoping this helps,
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Posted:I'd also consider your style of movement. For example, if you also play with poi and like a lot of tech moves, a smaller fan might suit you better for quicker changes in direction and inside moves.

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