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Posted: This is the noise that is supposed to be moving teenagers away from british shopping area's.
Supposedly you can only hear it if you are in you early 20's or younger. Some smart ass has made it into a ringtone so kids can have their phones on in school.

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Posted:With regards to using noise to stop teenagers congregating in certain areas: Where this is a problem in my area they play classical music outside the shops. It seems to work, and doesn't cause discomfort to any small children/dogs etc.


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Posted: Written by: sketch

i can hear it, but the most interestinig is how many people can here the "TV Noise", if someone has a tv on, on mute, on the other side of the house i can hear the high pitched noise it makes, but it doesent happen with anything else. Its puzzled me for years.

yeah, i can hear TV mute too possibly not from the other side of the house though. I also used to have a circuitbreaker socket in my bedroom, that would keep me awake for hours, with it's incessant wailing..... maybe that's why that noise doesn't bother me so much.

 Written by: miss corinthian

Where this is a problem in my area they play classical music outside the shops.

a bulldozer would work just as well devil

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Posted: Written by: maus

 Written by: steaks

I heard about this on local news a while back. some shop keepers are having devices that emit this sound to deter kids from congregating outside their shops in large crowds. And being from an area where this is a problem I am actually for shops doing this.


Well i can't hear but at least i can read! wink ubbloco

Besides the obvious of some (very) poor spelling/grammar issues I see nothing wrong with this.

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Posted: Written by: Spanner

I've alway been able to hear some sounds which should be out of human range like the high pitched one emitted by TVs which many cannot hear. I'm 25 and can hear this sound yet I listened to another sample of it from the BBC site yesterday and couldn't shrug

ive always wondered if people can hear the tv sound too. even if i put my tv on mute i can always hear that high pitched noise emitted by a tv. who else can hear it?

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Posted:I can - or I would be able to if I had a TV

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Posted:oh god thats awful!
Im 25 and boy can I hear it! ubbloco

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Posted:im 20 and i can hear the horrible noise!

i can hear tv's when on mute, also a horrible noise.

i thought i'd damaged one of my ears as i could only hear the mosquito in one ear, then i realised my speakers were on the other side of the room....doh!!

im not to sure about using it as a deterrant. the people who think this is a good idea obviously cant hear it. what about clients with children, or as previously mentioned young shop assistants.

what kind of shop sells goods only popular with the over 30's anyway....

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Posted: Written by: Rouge Dragon

I think that's horrible. I heard they were going to play oldschool music like Nat King Cole in shopping centres to move them on, but that rining is a disgusting joke!

Are they trying to chase away blind shoppers with guide dogs as well!

i like nat and louie and charlie and duke and....

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Posted: Written by: NOn

yeah i know what you mean, it's similar to electrical hum noise.... but slightly more whiney, a bit like feedback, but not so high pitched... high-pitched is actually a lot closer to what i was expecting.... unless what i am hearing is completely not what everyone else is?? how would you know? i think in this thread people should start describing the noise they can hear, so i can check whether or not i'm actually deaf/imagining the noise/hearing something completely different/my speakers aren't actually working... then i can answer the poll biggrin

in a similar vein, do those whistles that only dogs can hear (supposedly) actually work? i need an eloquent dog to tell me that, maybe the just come running because they hear their owner huffing and puffing through a bit of plastic, suspect that they stopped breathing properly and come to save them! i guess we will never know....

Now thats interesting, to me it was REALLY high pitched, and for the record, I can also hear the TV hum

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