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Posted:This thread is for all who spent this winter and Christmas time alone. When you will pass the street look around, just a smile or wave will give small light to their souls. This thead is especialy for children's home.

Shine on you,

grouphug wavehello




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Posted:Or look after the exchange students.

I met a guy my age on the plane home coming to Australia knowing no-one. So I made friends with him and I just sent him an email inviting him to Christmas with my family.

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Posted:awww thats lovely Rouge

I hate my family but Im not sure what christmas would be like without them




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Posted:aww bless. i'm used to being in kind of random places on holidays, spending thanksgiving alone was the only one that ever really got me tho! Even like my birthday and christmas wern't bad, don't celebrate christamas anymore anyway!



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Posted:Well if anyone is in the Uk who doesn't have anywhere to go for xmas - Becci & I are holding a "HoPpy Christmas" So no one need be alone (at least no one on here)

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Posted:u rock richee.
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Posted:I will be alone this Christmas...same as last Christmas....but this year it is my fault...

Last year my family went over to New South Wales for Christmas and I couldn't afford to follow...

This year I will be leaving for the UK ten days before Christmas...


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Posted:I don't think you'll be alone though Medusa!! Aren't you going with your boyfriend? And isn't the UK full of Hoppers?? hug

I'll be with my family and half-wish I weren't, but I'll go cause some of them need me around no matter how much I'll probably wish I was somewhere else half of the time... frown

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Posted:seeing as i dont really want to celebrate chirstmas, but am expected to by my family, i wish i was spending it alone.

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Posted:I will be working on christmas just as last year.. No problem in it coz I will do even less than ever and probably get a bottle of wine from the company again.. ubblol
And we will have christmass supper a few days earlier, so what..:)

Smile.. It confuses people..:)

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